At the University of South Carolina, we apply what we learn in class to the research we conduct in the lab and in the field. We gain new perspectives from the world around us as we share our experiences in community service projects. We solve problems in new and creative ways. See how we connect.

When he came to Carolina, Class of 2012 member JOSH PRATT planned on a physical education major. At Orientation, he chose the athletic training track specifically, and he hasn't looked back.

As he explains it, the track is "combining the best of both worlds for me." One of his most influential professors taught him to "try a little bit of everything. That way you find what you'll want to do for the rest of your life," he says, and he's done just that. He even volunteered at the Boston Marathon.

In addition to working with the track and field, swimming and diving, and women's soccer teams and for a high school, Josh will work with the football program and an orthopaedics clinic before graduation. Expanding his horizons has given him a glimpse of his dream job. Josh hopes to work for a physical therapy clinic by day and do outreach as an athletic trainer with a high school after hours.