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MEGAN COKER began her college career as a classics major, but thanks to some great professors and a study abroad trip, she's headed down a new path.

Megan, a member of the Class of 2012, soon switched to the College of Library and Information Science (CLIS) to prepare for a career as a librarian. Then she traveled to the United Kingdom and France to study various libraries, museums and archives. She became more and more fascinated by the museums as the trip progressed, and by the time she returned to Columbia, Megan knew she really wanted to be a museum curator.

A Magellan research award helped her explore the field. Mentored by Dr. Allison Marsh, associate professor of history, Megan helped curate Imaging the Invisible at USC's McKissick Museum, which "looks at the relationship between scientific images — things we can't see ourselves, like the floor of the ocean without the water in the way, or the horse in mid-run — and the reality they represent," she explains. This experience affirmed her decision to follow her newfound passion.