At the University of South Carolina, we apply what we learn in class to the research we conduct in the lab and in the field. We gain new perspectives from the world around us as we share our experiences in community service projects. We solve problems in new and creative ways. See how we connect.

Nick Riley Name

A postcard photo of the Horseshoe got NICK RILEY's attention, and after a campus visit, he knew he was headed to Carolina. Now – when he's not studying abroad, conducting research, taking classes, or busy with one of his many extracurricular activities – he's leading campus tours himself.

The university ambassadors program has been great, he explains, because "it's given me a chance to be a leader among leaders and understand what that means." He's also been a resident mentor and U101 peer leader, both of which have helped him with public speaking and communicating with others.

Nick, a member of the Class of 2012, spent a semester abroad in Germany and two weeks in Africa, during which he gained confidence and a broader global perspective. But perhaps his best experience in terms of preparing him for life after college was working in Dr. Steven Morgan chemistry lab on forensics research. Now Nick is ready to have a career first in forensics before turning to teaching and research.