At the University of South Carolina, we apply what we learn in class to the research we conduct in the lab and in the field. We gain new perspectives from the world around us as we share our experiences in community service projects. We solve problems in new and creative ways. See how we connect.

Patrick Seitz Name

One of the things that PATRICK SEITZ values most at the University is "great professors who really tap into your abilities."

Patrick began by taking courses through the Fort Jackson program. As he explains, "I was looking at teaching high school history and social studies, but wanted to earn my associate's degree first." Now he is a member of the Class of 2012, working toward a degree in middle level education on the Columbia campus.

He knew he had made the right choice once he began getting out and working with schoolchildren through his practicum and volunteer work, with the encouragement of USC faculty. "Many professors in education and English have helped me develop," says Patrick. He decided to focus on middle level education because he feels it's the time in a young person's life when he can have the biggest positive impact.