At the University of South Carolina, we apply what we learn in class to the research we conduct in the lab and in the field. We gain new perspectives from the world around us as we share our experiences in community service projects. We solve problems in new and creative ways. See how we connect.

An economics and political science major in the Class of 2011, PETER SCHAEFFING has made the most of his time at Carolina, both within and beyond the classroom.

The South Carolina Honors College student interned with the Children's Defense Fund and in Washington, D.C., through the Washington Semester Program. On campus, Peter founded and is president of Carolinians Combating Poverty and is student body treasurer for the 2010–2011 school year. Once he found his passion in community development banking, he even sought out and found a faculty mentor who specializes in the field.

The South Carolina Honors College member also was named a 2010 Truman Scholar Finalist in recognition of his achievements. Peter credits the Truman application process as being hugely beneficial, saying, "As I prepare to move on from Carolina, the exploration of passions, careers, and further studies that I went through serve now as an invaluable guide to my future."