Usage Policies

CR-CISI resources are configured to serve a large and diverse user research community of the University of South Carolina. In order to keep those resources functional and in good shape, the users must be aware of the CR-CISI Usage Policies. Failure to comply with the Usage Policies may result in the suspension and closure of the user accounts.


CR-CISI staff has created documentation related to the Usage Policies guidelines and made them available on the web, as well as on the CR-CISI User Portal. The users should be familiarized with the Usage Policies and assume responsibility, especially for the issues related to the security and data management.

Any Computing Account should be used only by the User for which that account was created. CR-CISI resources should also be used for the documented or intended purposes. The following activity can be an example of the improper use of the CR-CISI resources:

  • using HPC resources to run applications that can be run on a desktop
  • running jobs on the head and login nodes on the HPC resources
  • using storage systems for backing up data that is not related to research activity


It is very important to maintain the security of the CR-CISI computing resources. Here are few guidelines to be insured by PI's:

  • Information such as login name and passwords must never be shared with anyone.
  • PIs should vouch for and request allocation for their students, postdocs, etc
  • PIs should notify the CR-CISI about the closure of an account when projects are completed and student accounts are no longer needed.

User Support

The users of the CR-CISI computing resources are encouraged to request assistance from CR-CISI staff via the personal communication (email to Dr. Nikolai Sergueev and Dr. Jerry Ebalunode).

CR-CISI support staff can provide advice with the development, debugging, porting, and optimizing the codes. However, such support has somewhat limited extent to actual code development, porting, debugging, and optimization.

Citing CR-CISI

Your acknowledgement of the CR-CISI computing and human resources is necessary and very much appreciated. Please reference CR-CISI in any publications or research reports. Your help is important for reporting activities, maintaining the systems, and acquiring new resources. We suggest to use the following acknowledgement as a guideline:

The authors acknowledge the Computational Research and Cyber Infrastructure Support Initiative at the University of South Carolina for providing the computing resources that contributed to the results of this paper.