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Stop Sexual Assault

Respondents' Rights

Students alleged with violations of the Student Code of Conduct are afforded the following rights:

  • the right to be notified in writing of their rights in the conduct process
  • the right to be notified in writing of the charges against them with sufficient time to prepare for a hearing. In the event that additional charges are brought, a further written notice must be forwarded to the student(s) or student organization(s). The charged student(s) or student organization(s) may waive the right to separate written notice of additional charges in order to expedite the hearing process.
  • the right to be notified of the date, time and place of formal hearings at least three university business days prior to the hearing
  • the right to know the nature and source of the information used in a hearing process. This includes the right to review all documents and exhibits to be introduced at a hearing as well as a list of witnesses asked to testify at the hearing, upon the student's request.
  • the right to present information on one's own behalf
  • the right to elect not to appear at the hearing, in which case the hearing shall be conducted in the absence of the charged party(ies)
  • the right to refuse to answer any questions or make a statement. However, the hearing authority may draw inferences from this refusal.
  • the right to present questions for the witnesses to answer. The hearing officer or council may rule on relevance of these questions.
  • the right to be accompanied by an adviser throughout the hearing process. The adviser, with written permission of the charged student(s) or student organization(s), may:
    • advise the accused regarding preparation for the hearing
    • accompany the accused to all conduct proceedings
    • have access to information to be introduced at the hearing.

*NOTE: Advisers are not permitted to participate directly in the hearing process or to speak for the charged student(s) or student organization(s).


Respondent Resource Committee

The Student Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Respondent Resource Committee assists respondents with navigating the Title IX process from the investigation up to and including the hearing/resolution process. For more information and assistance, contact the committee chair, Janie Kerzan (

Stop Sexual Assault

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