Sport Clubs Forms

Sports Clubs Instructor/Coach Contract

This agreement between the Instructor/Coach of the   Sports Club and the Office of Campus Recreation must be signed and completed before being officially recognized.

I,        agree to be the Instructor/Coach of the above mentioned Sports Club. I have proper certification by a national certifying agency or written documentation of competence and background in my area of expertise and I will submit copies of these with this contract. I understand my roles and esponsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The Instructor/Coach should restrict his/her contributions to instructing and coaching and should not have active involvement in club management. A sports club is first and foremost a student organization and as such, the student representative must serve as the liaison between the club and the Sports Clubs staff, not the instructor/coach. The key to the success of the Sports Clubs program is the emphasis placed on student leadership and participation.
  2. The Instructor/Coach shall not solicit money from any source, or purchase, rent, or commit anything in the name of the University of South Carolina without the approval of the Coordinator of Sports Clubs.
  3. The Instructor/Coach should seek to develop and improve the skills of club members.
  4. The Instructor/Coach should develop and employ safety practices for all participants to include the inspection of sports gear and the reporting of any hazardous facility conditions.
  5. The Instructor/Coach is encouraged attend all games and practices.
  6. The Instructor/Coach should promote good sportsmanship on and off the field.
  7. The Instructor/Coach should become familiar with the current resource manuals. This includes the Carolina Community Student Handbook and Policy Guide.
  8. The Instructor/Coach is responsible and accountable to the Office of Campus Recreation, as well as the sports club that the coach works with. The Instructor/Coach is required to conform to and abide by any applicable rules and regulations of the University of South Carolina, and any conference, league, or association to which the club may belong.
  9. The Instructor/Coach is a strictly voluntary position.