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Course Description

STAT 205 - Elementary Statistics for the Biological and Life Sciences

Class Session: Monday, June 17, 2024 - Friday, July 05, 2024

Credit: 3 semester hours of credit

Instructor: Prince Allotey

Term: Summer 2024

Course Description

Introduction to fundamental statistical methods with applications in the biological and life sciences. Includes descriptive statistics; probability; one and two-sample models for population means; contingency tables (including relative risk, odds ratios, case-control studies, and estimation of sensitivity and specificity); linear regression; logistic regression; aspects of survival analysis, and ANOVA.Prerequisite: MATH 111 or higher.FS: 06/06/2018.CL: 2020.


AS - College of Arts and Sciences





Instructional Method

100% Web Mix Async & Sync




FOSALLI50A - Nursing
FOSALLI51A - Nursing - R.N.
FOSALLI70A - Nursing Administration
FOSALLI72A - Advanced Practice Nursing
FOSALLI74A - Clinical Nursing
FOSALLI76A - Health Nursing
FOSALLI80A - Comm Ment Hlth and Psych Nrsng
FOSALLI85A - Nursing Science
FOSALLI86A - Nursing Practice
FOSALLI100A - No Major
FOSALLI109A - Chemistry
FOSALLI123A - Cyber Intelligence
FOSALLI133A - Geophysics
FOSALLI146A - Marine Science
FOSALLI154A - Physics
FOSALLI160B - Psychology
FOSALLI174A - Cardiovascular Techno

Course/Degree Attribute

3ARP - CC:ARP Analytical Reasoning

Information is accurate as of July 23, 2024 (Subject to change)

Special Fee Notification

Students may be required to be proctored during online test completion. If students are unable to attend test proctoring sessions in person at the Distributed Learning office, additional fees may apply for online test proctoring if the course requires online testing.

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