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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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GeniX 3D microfocus copper k-alpha source (0.154 nm wavelength) with 3 sets of 4-blade slits for scatterless collimation

Small-angle to wide-angle detection on Hybrid Pixel Array Pilatus detector by Dectris

Small-angle limit qmin=0.03 nm-1 (dmax=200 nm); Wide-angle limit 60° 2-theta

Transmission and Grazing Incidence modes, with automatic sample alignment

Sample Types

Liquids in capillary tubes, either sealed or flow-through. Controlled temperature capillary holder -20-80 °C

Pastes using kapton windows

Solids free-standing or attached to kapton tape

Special Stages

Hot-Cold Linkam stage with capability of -30-300 °C

Environmental Chamber with controlled vapor atmosphere up to 2 atm of pressure

Remote Access

Ship your samples to SCSC and our technician will load your samples in the vacuum chamber and then enable remote control of the instrument for remote acquisitions.

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