Instructions for Configuring Outlook 2003 RPC/HTTPS        

For the following instructions, we will use a fictitious person. Please substitute your own personal information when you configure Outlook on your computer. Also note that your Outlook 2003 application must be fully updated with Service Pack 2.

Full Name: Ned Nash
Nedís e-mail address is:
Nedís network username is: NEDN
Nedís secure IMAP server at USC is: and uses port 993
Nedís authenticated and secure SMTP server at USC is: and uses port 2525

  1. On a profile where Outlook has never been used, the startup wizard should initialize by default after selecting the Microsoft Outlook icon.
  2. Select Next.
  3. If the wizard does not initialize by default, these settings can be accessed by browsing to Start\Control Panel\User Accounts\Mail then clicking the E-mail Accounts tab.

  4. Select Yes and Next.

  5. Select Microsoft Exchange Server and Next.

  6. Enter in the Microsoft Exchange Server field.
  7. Enter the USER NAME for the profile being setup in the User Name filed.
  8. Uncheck ďUse Cached Exchange Mode.Ē You may choose to enable the Cached Exchange mode later; however, it is recommended it be disabled for the initial installation.
  9. Select the More Settings tab

  10. Under the Connection tab, select Connect using my Local Area Network.
  11. Select Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP.
  12. Select the Exchange Proxy Settings tab.

  13. Enter in the https:// field.
  14. Select Connect using SSL only.
  15. Select to connect using HTTP first for both slow and fast networks.
  16. Select Basic Authentication for the proxy authentication setting.
  17. Select OK to close the Exchange Proxy Settings window.
  18. Select Apply to save the Connection settings.

  19. Select OK to acknowledge that you must restart outlook for these changes to take effect.
  20. Select OK to close the Connection settings window.

  21. Select Next for the Exchange Server Settings window then OK to finish.
  22. You will now be prompted to login using your domain credentials.
  23. Enter your user name domain\username ďds\usernameĒ and password to log in to Outlook.


If you have any problems using these instructions, please contact the University Technology Services Help Desk at (803) 777-1800. You can also schedule an appointment in the iCARE Center at your convenience for additional support.