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How-To: Use Conference Rooms with MS Outlook        PRINTER FRIENDLY

How to Schedule and Book a Conference Room

  1. Open your calendar, create an appointment, and select  Invite Attendees.

  2. Select To – and select the conference room from the address book as a resource.  Do not select the conference room as either a required or optional attendee. 

  3. When selected correctly, you will find that the location for the meeting will automatically be updated as the conference room.

  4. Select ‘Send’ to send the appointment.  You will receive an immediate message whether the conference room was booked successfully or not. 

  5. Select OK to complete the appointment.

NOTE:   Although someone can book the appointment and get a successful booking notice for the conference room, the actual update takes a few minutes.  There is a small window of time (approximately 5 minutes)  where someone could also book the room; however, in this case, both appointments will appear on the conference room calendar.  The conference room administrator will be able to discern which booking occurred first.

If you cancel an appointment, please notify an administrative assistant to clear the appointment from the conference room calendar.  The appointment will not clear automatically.

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