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Rules for moving Spamscore: ssss email to a junk folder for Entourage

UTS strongly recommends configuring Entourage  to retrieve email using Exchange (webDAV) protocol.    The instructions below are written for Entourage configured for Exchange.  If you are using POP, IMAP, or another protocol, select the protocol you normally use when at step 4 in these instructions.

  1. Open Microsoft Entourage

  2. On the Entourage Menu bar, click on Tools.  From the dropdown menu, select Rules.  The Rules window will open.

  3. In the Rules window, click New

  4. From the dropdown menu, select Exchange email.  The Edit Rules windows will open.  

  5. In the text box next to Rule Name, type in: spamscore

  6. Click on the Add Criterion button.  

  7. Be sure “All messages” is set in the first dropdown box.

  8. The second dropdown box will read:  “From”.  Click on the selector arrows to open the selector list.  

  9. Select “Subject”.  This will now appear in the box.

  10. Leave the Contains box as is.

  11. In text box at right,  type in:  spamscore

  12. Click on the Add Action button.

  13. On the first dropdown selector (probably reads Change Status) click on the selector arrows to open the selection list.  

  14. From the selection list, click on “Move Message”.

  15. The box to the right will read Inbox.  Click on the selector arrows there to open a selection list.  

  16. Select the option to “Choose folder”.  This will open the Choose Folder window.  

  17. Click on the listing for the Junk E-mail folder.  This will highlight the selection.

  18. Click on the Choose button at the bottom of the window.  You will be returned to the Edit Rule window.

  19. Click on the OK button at the bottom of the window.  You will be returned to the Rules window.  The new spamscore rule will be listed in the window.

  20. You may now close the Rules window.  You will be returned to the Main Entourage window.
Please note that setting this rule in your Entourage will be effective for this single computer only.  If you use multiple Apple computers, each device must be configured separately.

You have now created a rule to send all emails with the word “spamscore” in the subject to your Junk email folder in Entourage.  This will also apply to variations of the word (such as SpamScore: ssss).  You can test this rule by sending yourself an email with the subject line SpamScore: ssss.  When this email comes in, it should automatically be routed to your Junk E-mail folder.  
Remember to check your Junk E-mail folder every now and then to be sure important email has not been routed there.  

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