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OneCarolina Update (January 15, 2010)

The OneCarolina project team has completed a number of steps in the process of planning and preparing for implementation. OneCarolina is a multi-year project to replace outdated administrative systems throughout the University system. In the past few months, fit-gap studies and readiness assessments have been finalized.

OneCarolina is a multi-year project to replace outdated administrative systems throughout the University system. The OneCarolina team is comprised of over one hundred members from across the University system (senior and regional campuses), and belong to five major groups of University operations: Student Information Systems, Financial Aid, HR/Payroll, Finance, Sponsored Programs, and Technology.

Business Process and Software Fit-Gap Status
The individual OneCarolina groups have completed fit-gap – the comparing of current business processes with the administrative software suite offered by SunGard Higher Education. Approximately 45 major business processes (including hundreds of sub-processes) were analyzed in student, financial aid, finance, research and human resources. These were matched to software applications, and recommendations were made to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

Readiness Assessment Survey
A readiness assessment survey was conducted by Collegiate Project Services to gather information in several areas: administrative infrastructure, staffing issues, skill sets, and leadership skills. The assessment has provided an independent evaluation of USC’s ability to carry out the OneCarolina project. We had wonderful participation from our campuses and key stakeholders. Eighty-five USC personnel participated in individual “live” interview sessions across four campuses, and a total of 635 staff, faculty, and students from across the University system provided their input via an on-line survey. Six separate focus group sessions were also conducted with over eighty-one participants, who brought a wealth of experience and information to the discussions.

Both the fit-gap studies and the readiness assessment provided OneCarolina with a very positive snapshot of the University’s ability to change our current systems:

  • USC is well prepared for the implementation of a new administrative system.
  • Areas of risk and weaknesses have been identified, and OneCarolina is currently addressing them.
  • The business process analyses indicate the new system will dramatically improve functionality.
  • Analysis of the proposed applications have found no major deficiencies in the software.

Transitional Activities
Over the summer, the OneCarolina team will be continuing to work on transitional issues. Currently the team is addressing areas in need of improvement that were identified from the fit-gap and readiness assessments. Further evaluations are being conducted to determine training needs, policies and procedures, and technical infrastructure requirements. Third-party vendor products, such as cashering/web payment systems, are also being evaluated during this period.

The OneCarolina project is on track to begin implementation this Fall.

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