University of South Carolina

OneCarolina Teams Meet for Strategy Sessions (December 12, 2009)

Members from across departments and colleges in the University of South Carolina began strategy meetings on November 30. The purpose of the meetings is to discuss implementation objectives, goals, and strategies for implementing the student services phase of the project.

Dr. William Hogue, vice president for information technology and chief information officer for the university, began the meetings.  "OneCarolina is a major undertaking," said Hogue.  "The University of South Carolina is not a mom and pop outfit. We are a one billion dollar enterprise with eight universities and hundreds of thousands of shareholders.  OneCarolina will give us an indispensible set of tools to reach and interact with all of them."

OneCarolina is the University's multi-year project to replace information and administrative systems with up-to-date technology and business processes.  Dr. Hogue stated that he saw OneCarolina as not just a technology project, but as a far-reaching business transformation event.  "I couldn't be more pleased with the talented team we have assembled. OneCarolina will be a landmark event for the University of South Carolina." 

Over the coming weeks, the OneCarolina teams will be focusing on revalidating and reassessing the OneCarolina Readiness Assessment conducted by Collegiate Project Services.  This assessment identified strengths and risks in the University's ability to undertake the OneCarolina implementation.  The teams will also identify implementation strategies and processes. 

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