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Implementation Phase Begins (October 13, 2010)

Banner Module TrainingOneCarolina has moved into the Implementation Phase of the Project. Several teams are now busy developing test processes for the new OneCarolina server system and prototypes of the Banner administrative system.

The Student Services Team has been working with consultants from SunGard Higher Education to develop a prototype of the Student Admissions system. Test data is being loaded into the new servers, and a test group is being trained on how to use the system. They will begin putting the system through an extended series of tests later this month. Members of the Admissions team have been traveling to all of the University campuses to talk about the new Banner system, and get feedback. They are also doing a lot of preliminary work on developing reporting packages in Banner, and on course catalog development.

The Financial Aid Team has finished creating a number of the major reference tables for the new Banner Financial Aid system. These complex data tables are crucial to developing a working model of the FinAid module for testing. One of the biggest issues has been loading current information into the test system, and Team members have been working closely with experts in University Technology Services to transfer existing data sets. The Team will begin training on the new system later this month in preparation of testing administrative processes and identifing outstanding issues.

The Student A/R Team is working with their new SunGardHE consultant to make some key decisions on the transition to Banner. The Student A/R module is a critical piece of the new OneCarolina system that will allow us to streamline financial processes, develop more efficient billing methods, and ensure easier and more complete auditing.

In general, the OneCarolina Project status is running on schedule for all major initiatives. As mentioned above, the Project is moving into the Implementation phase, and teams are beginning to put all the pieces of the Project together, build a test platform, and start working out any kinks. There is also some clean-up from the Planning Phase, and the finalizing of some issues that have extended from the Summer.

Sungard Banner software is now installed in the Data Center at University Technology Services, and our technical teams have been configuring working prototypes of University administrative processes.  This new system will be used to train the core implementation teams and run all testing processes.

To get the OneCarolina team up to speed, training is scheduled to occur throughout the rest of the year. Technicians will be training on all of the new OneCarolina server and software systems, and the core administrative teams will be learning how to use the Banner system in preparation for running prototype testing. OneCarolina's Training group is also working on a full-scale end-user training plan for staff who will eventually use the system across the University.


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