Summer 2012
Admissions Go-Live Still Tentatively Planned for July
 June 27, 2012

Cue the lights. It’s almost showtime.   

In a few weeks, when Undergraduate Admissions switches to the Banner software platform to handle much of its day-to-day operations, it will double as the formal launch of the OneCarolina project. OneCarolina is the multi-year initiative designed to overhaul USC’s entire 30-year-old student, financial, and human resources systems. Development work on OneCarolina began in 2010 and has pulled in faculty and staff from every campus and school to make the facelift a reality.

But before the champagne can be popped, there’s work to be done. While the project is tentatively planning to go live on its original date of July 17, it still needs around four weeks to perform user acceptance testing (UAT), a prerequisite requirement for the go-live, after systems testing took longer than anticipated.

If UAT can’t be performed in time, then the Admissions launch would likely be delayed. In response, the project team is putting in extra hours, and additional personnel are being called to help with much of the final preparations.

Any delay would likely be short, said Project Director Bob Swab.

“We’re probably not talking very long – maybe a week or two - just to make sure we have our user acceptance testing done, with everyone comfortable and on the same page. But right now, we have all hands on deck, and we’re going to try to make the original July 17 date.”

For now, Admissions is just the first step in updating the University’s various legacy systems. When OneCarolina is fully implemented by the fall of 2013, it will have improved almost every aspect of the University. Student recruiting, admissions, registration, billing, cashiering, student records, and financial aid will all be replaced. OneCarolina puts much of the business management in the hands of those responsible which provides for more efficient and faster change control over much of the day-to-day operations. ERP also makes available real-time secure business information to all areas of the University through a single, integrated database.


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