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Center for Teaching Excellence

College Student Field Work

Integrative Learning Workshops and Events

USC is a leader nationwide in helping students think about how their learning extends beyond the classroom. The Center for Teaching Excellence offers workshops and events that introduce faculty to opportunities to help students make thoughtful connections between the courses they teach and outside the classroom experiences.

September 2017

We invite staff advisors, faculty advisors and students to join us for lunch and discussion as we explore common expectations in the academic advising relationship. Advisors- find out from the students themselves what’s working and what’s not. In turn, you’ll be able to share what you expect and hope for from them. We also invite students to share ways that advisers have helped you—or that you wish that they’d helped you. We value your opinion and hope that you’ll join this lively discussion with facilitators and faculty advisers about advisement.

We’ll have FREE lunch for everyone!

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October 2017

Are you interested in service-learning? Would you like to learn how to develop a service-learning course? Using the National Youth Leadership Council’s Service-Learning Cycle as a framework, Jabari Bodrick will provide workshop attendees with step-by-step instructions on how to create a service-learning course.

Jabari will also explain how service-learning is defined at USC, provide USC service-learning assessment data, and highlight the benefits of service-learning to students, faculty members and community agency representatives. In addition, Minuette Floyd will share her experiences as a service-learning course instructor and, in conjunction with Jabari, answer any questions workshop attendees may have about teaching a service-learning course.  Register