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Previous Motions Archive

All revisions to the Faculty Manual must be approved first by the Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate, and then through all appropriate administrative channels. The Senate submits these revisions for approval through the Palmetto College administration, the Provost's Office, the Office of the General Council and Division of Human Resources, and finally through the President and the Board of Trustees. For more information, please see UNIV 1.00 Policy on Policies.

Proposed Revisions

All motions current under consideration by Senate are available on the Current Motions page. 

Approved Changes, Pending Administrative and Board Review


Overview of All Approved Changes and All Relevent Motions

Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate approval date, 12 February 2016

PALM 495 as an Alternative Course to PALM 494

Timely Publication of Substantive Motions II (Lawrence Rule)

Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate approval date, 17 April 2015

Update Columbia Faculty Committees

Palmetto College Campuses Faculty Senate approval date, 13 February 2015

Clarification of Calculation of Senate Membership
Inclusion of the Palmetto College Advisory Council
Removal of teaching evaluation data from the table in Evidence of Effective Teaching section of tenure and promotion