Shaffer pictureGrant Shaffer

Major: International Business and GSCOM
Class Year: Class of 2014
Positions: Ameris Bank & SC Department of Commerce

Decide it.

What first motivated you to visit the Career Center?
I was informed through USC media that there was someone in the Career Center who could set up an appointment for me to visit local companies in various industries to see what a ?real job? would consist of. Not knowing exactly what a typical work day would be like for any position in the corporate world, naturally, I was curious. Anne Orange is a very sweet lady who is in charge of job shadowing and graciously set me up with a local bank so that I could try my hand in that industry. It was a great experience and helped me realize that there might be other fields that I would be more interested in.

What Career Center services have you used?
I have taken advantage of the resume check, a career workshop, and job shadowing. Job shadowing was by far the best service because it allowed me to explore things I was curious about, whether related to my future career or not. In fact, I contacted Anne Orange about visiting a recycling facility merely out of personal curiosity. She set me up with Chantal Fryer, the head of the Recycling Division at the SC Department of Commerce. After speaking with Chantal about recycling in South Carolina and visiting a local sorting facility, I was extended an offer for a paid internship at the SC Department of Commerce. Not only am I getting priceless experience in a state agency & corporate environment, I look forward to going to work every day.

What did you learn from these services and how are you using them now?
Through the job shadowing experience at Ameris Bank, I learned about the different division of banks and how large their assets are and specifically how they make their money. I also learned the importance of writing thank you notes to those who you meet and show you around. At the Department of Commerce, I learned a great deal about how recycling can actually be a source of profit for small and large businesses.

How do you feel you have benefited from using the Career Center?
A direct benefit has been the awesome experience in a corporate environment at Ameris Bank and seeing a state agency in action at the Department of Commerce. It is also really good to meet lots of people and get your name out there your future job search. Receiving a paid internship with a state agency was definitely the best benefit I received from utilizing the Career Center?s resources.

What would you suggest to students who are beginning to consider their career path?
My biggest hope for students who are in the early stages of figuring out there career is to take chances and indulge your curiosity. I would never have landed an internship if I had not gone out on a limb and asked Anne Orange to set me up with a recycling industry. Most importantly, the purpose of job shadowing is to find a career in which you love going to work every day.