Kim Truett

Photographer, Creative Services


Office: War Memorial

If it's happening on campus, Kim Truett knows about it. A great source of ideas for both stories and photographs, Kim likes to be out and about on campus, meeting people, taking photos and soaking up the great student energy.

Kim is a Carolina graduate with a bachelor’s degree in media arts and a concentration in photography. Before returning to the university as a a staff photographer in 1999, she freelanced for several clients, including The Associated Press and The State newspaper.

Kim’s photos have won awards, most recently from the South Carolina Press Association. Her favorite USC photo projects are The Scholar Book, Carolinian magazine and the annual President’s Report.

“Creative people need a creative outlet,” Kim says. And to that end, she is active in a Midlands' knitting guild and other artistic projects. She loves coffee, Canon cameras and Mac computers. About four years ago, Kim went to FIDO Dog Rescue to adopt one, maybe two, dogs; she went home with three puppies from the same litter. Rudy, Nicky and Holly are now smart, energetic and big. They also exhibit an extreme form of canine sibling rivalry.