Thom Harman

Editing Manager, Creative Services


Office: War Memorial

Thom is editing manager for the department. He has worked here since 2000, originally joining as bulletins editor, but he’s been a Gamecock all his life.

Over the years, he began working more on print publications. Now he oversees editorial policy for print publications, writes and/or edits a wide variety of pieces (everything from postcards to magazines, calendars to e-blasts), and writes for the Web and for Carolinian. And he's glad that the registrar’s office took over responsibilities for the bulletins in 2009.

Before joining the staff, Thom’s first “real” job was as a copy editor for local publishing company Bruccoli Clark Layman Inc. He received an English degree with a writing concentration from Carolina, walking across the stage to get his degree in December 1995.

Thom also has been playing bass guitar and singing in bands since his undergrad days, and he can’t seem to give up writing, recording, and playing music.