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Faculty Experts

Reporters wishing to round out their stories can seek the expertise of University of South Carolina faculty, who are available to discuss a wide range of issues, topics and trends. Faculty are initially grouped by broad subject area, then by academic college or school affiliation. Within each link, they are further subcategorized.

Also, for reporters covering breaking stories, current events and national and international observances, special "themed" experts lists will be created and made available as necessary.

For further assistance, contact News and Internal Communications, 803-777-5400.

Meet some of our featured faculty experts

criminal justice professor Geoff Alpert
Geoff Alpert
Academic area: Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, College of Arts and Sciences
Title: Professor
Summary of expertise: Alpert is a nationally recognized expert on police violence, pursuit driving, training and use of force, including tasers. He teaches courses in research methods and policing.

Office telephone: 803-777-6424

law professor Ann Bartow
Frank Berger
Academic/research area: Center for Colon Cancer Research
Title: Director; professor, department of biological sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
Summary: Berger studies the molecular genetics of cancer. He has been the director of the CCCR since it was established in 2002 with an $11 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. In 2007, the center received $10.7 million from NIH for five years.
Office telephone: 803-777-1231 (CCCR); 803-777-4398 (lab)

geography professor Susan Cutter
Susan Cutter
Academic area: Department of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences
Title: Carolina Distinguished Professor
Summary: Cutter is director of Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute at the University of South Carolina. She is one of the nation's leading authorities on emergency preparedness, response and social vulnerability to manmade and natural disasters and is frequently consulted by government agencies for her expertise in the roles of public agencies, such as FEMA and state emergency-preparedness offices, in handling disasters. Most of her research is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Office telephone: 803-777-1590
Other contact: 803-699-1445 (home phone)

exercise science professor Larry Durstine
Larry Durstine
Academic area: Arnold School of Public Health
Title: Distinguished Professor; chair, Department of Exercise Science
Summary: A past president of the American College of Sports Medicine, Durstine is recognized for research on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism; exercise management for chronic diseases and disabilities; physical activity, physical fitness and health; and cardiac rehabilitation.
Office telephone: 803-777-7680
Other contact: 803-777-5400 (Office of Media Relations)

finance professor Timothy Koch
Timothy Koch
Academic area: Department of Finance, Moore School of Business
Title: Carolina Distinguished Professor
Summary: Koch is one of the nation's top authorities on banking. He is a consultant to financial institutions and teaches at executive banking schools throughout the country. He also is president of the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado. His research focuses on pricing of fixed-income securities and derivatives, bank management and banking structure. His books, "Bank Management" (2006, sixth edition) and "General Banking" (2006, 10th edition), are standard texts widely used in business and state banking schools.
Office telephone: 803-777-6748
Other contact: 803-466-1400 (mobile phone)