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The Better Tomorrow Plan is made up of

three core pillars:


We are:  The fundamentals that are the cornerstone of a responsible company. MORE

Our strong philosophy and respect for ethical values form the basis of our commitment to corporate citizenship

  • Our core values: Service Spirit, Team Spirit, Spirit of Progress
  • Our Ethical Principles: Loyalty, Respect for people, Transparency, Business Integrity
We do:3 priorities and 14 commitments to action: MORE >
  • Actively promote Nutrition, Health and Wellness
  • Support the development of Local Communities
  • Protect the Environment
We engage:  Dialogue and joint actions with our stakeholders MORE >

We strive to engage our stakeholders through common impactful actions:

  • We listen to our stakeholders and maintain a dialogue with them.
  • We influence practices at the sites where we operate and beyond.

We will develop a leadership position within networks and support opportunities to meet and engage with stakeholders so as to be recognized as the benchmark reference and sustainability leader in our 3 priorities.


Curious About Sodexo and Sustainable Foods


Sustainable Initiatives For Carolina Dining

Carolina Dining/Sodexo has adopted an all-encompassing commitment to environ-mental awareness and sustainability that is global in scope. We be-lieve we have an obligation to be environmentally responsible and to help educate students about sustainability and the environment. Implementing management practices such as energy conservation, waste reduction, local sourcing and using environmentally-friendly disposables are just some of the ways we work to make every day a better day – today and for the future.


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Nutrition, Health & Wellness
Local Communities