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Eat Healthy, Eat Happy!

Chef Al brings happiness to all Carolina students on a meal plan!

Chef Al - Sodexo/ Carolina Dining from Will Fortanbary on Vimeo

Meal Plans

It's Cool To Have A Meal Plan

See how one Carolina student finds out from all his friends that being on a meal plan is the cool thing to do!

Carolina Dining from Dust of the Ground on Vimeo.

Traditional Meal Plans

Traditional Meal Plans provides a bit of structure in your life and that's a big assest in your freshmen year. This plan is designed to . . .

Flex Meal Plans

Flex Meal Plans (Commuters, Upperclass and Fraternities and Sororities) are perfect for students whose class/work/social schedule have them eatng at non-traditional times.

No More Noodles!

Ebbie, a student at the University of South Carolina, and Will, a Carolina student with a meal plan, discuss how to end the Ramen Noddle diet . . .

No More Food Worries

Will and Ebbie, Carolina students, explore the 25 dining options on campus.


Carolina Students and Sodexo Giving Back

Second Servings Food Program feeds more than 31,000 homeless men, women and children each year.

Carolina Dining / Sodexo - Second Servings from Will Fortanbary on Vimeo.

Gluten-Free Dining

Plan-it Healthy Carolina Dining at the University of South Carolina features one of the only free-standing gluten-free dining units on a college campus

What's For Lunch

Sodexo performance-based sustainability report, setting a baseline for accountability.