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  Limited Submissions Procedures
  • Announcement of the Program and Internal Competition: Research and Grant Development will send an announcement of the opportunity to individuals on a targeted e-mail list, based on the program's focus. This e-mail will contain a summary of the program guidelines, selection and eligibility criteria, details of the internal selection process, and a timeline for the internal selection and submission procedures.

  • Submission of Abstracts for Internal Review: If an internal review should be necessary, submit an abstract by the internal deadline.

  • Faculty Internal Review Committee: Abstracts will be reviewed by a faculty peer review committee.

  • Review of Abstracts: Abstracts will be evaluated on how well each meets the selection criteria and guidelines given in the foundation or agency program announcement.

  • Selection and Notification of Nominees: Research and Grant Development will notify applicants of the results. The nominee and the nominee's Dean, Department Chair, and Sponsored Awards Management will be notified by Research and Grant Development of his or her nomination.

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