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Journalism and Mass Communications

Camp Carolina

Two Camp Carolina courses — statistics and writing, are designed to prepare incoming journalism and mass communication graduate students for advanced, graduate-level study. 

A course in statistics is a prerequisite for research methods and other graduate-level courses. If you have not taken an undergraduate statistics course, you are required to take Camp Carolina (statistics) during the summer. Alternatively, an undergraduate statistics course or JOUR 332 can be taken during a regular semester, but Camp Carolina saves time and expense by teaching the skills you will need before the fall semester begins.

The Camp Carolina writing course will help if you have not taken any journalism or advertising/public relations writing courses during your undergraduate program.  The course is also required if your GRE Verbal scores below 154 OR your Analytic Writing scores below 4.0 OR if your TOEFL (IELTS) score is below 100 (7) if you are an international student.

You could take an undergraduate writing course (JOUR 291) during the first fall semester in place of Camp Carolina, but the Camp Carolina writing course saves time and money and teaches the skills you will need for professional, graduate-level writing.


The Camp Carolina statistics course is typically offered in mid-August, and the writing course will take place during the first five or six weeks of the fall semester.


Each Camp Carolina course (statistics and writing) costs $475.