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Student Services and Resources


SLIS uses the university listserv software to run its mailing lists.

Everyone must subscribe to This listserv contains administrative information from SLIS student services and important announcements. All SLIS graduate students should be subscribed to this list. SLIS administration uses this listserv to communicate important announcements, such as graduation information.

Another important list is the list. All job announcements sent to the SLIS are posted here.

To subscribe to a list:
send a mail message to
in the body of the message type:
subscribe listname yourfirstname yourlastname
for example: subscribe slisinfo Elvis Presley

To unsubscribe from a list:
send a mail message
in the body of the message type:
unsubscribe listname
for example: unsubscribe slisinfo

To post to a list:
send the mail message to
for example:

For assistance contact Jill Chappell-Fail or Madonna Stoehr