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College of Education

Faculty and Staff Directory

Faculty/Staff Name Title Secondary Title Phone Email Keywords
Faculty Allen, Eliza G., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3077 Eliza Allen, Eliza G. Allen
Faculty Anders, Allison D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-0521
Faculty Anderson, Christian, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-6702
Faculty Avinger, Sandra M. Instructor 803-777-2489 Sandra M. Avinger
Staff Bailey, Donna Administrative Assistant 803-777-0340
Staff Baker, Hannah Research Associate / WIN Project Coordinator 803-777-0340
Faculty Baum, Angela C., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education 803-777-4947
Staff Beamer, Janelle Director of Public Information & Events, South Carolina Program for Infant/Toddler Care 803-777-2109
Staff Bell, Queenie Administrative Coordinator 803-777-6585
Faculty Bon, Susan C., J.D.,Ph.D. Associate Professor and Higher Education Program Coordinator Affiliate Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law 803-777-2907
Faculty Boutte, Gloria Swindler, Ph.D. Professor 803-777-2018
Faculty Brant, Cathy A. R., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-2672
Faculty Brian, Ali S., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3101 Ali S. Brian, Ali Brian
Staff Brooks, Lauren Administrative Coordinator 803-777-7887
Faculty Brown, Kara D., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-0629
Staff Brown, Lauren Academic Advisor 803-777-5531
Faculty Brown, William H., Ph.D. Professor 803-777-5743
Faculty Bryan, Nathaniel, Ed.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-2595
Faculty Buchheister, Kelley, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, Mathematics Education 803-777-5278
Staff Burgin, Bryan Director of Conferences and Events 803-777-9448
Staff Campbell, Karen Project Manager 803-777-2883
Faculty Carlson, Ryan G., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Counselor Education 803-777-2889
Faculty Carnes, G. Nathan Associate Professor 803-777-4868
Faculty Chaddock, Katherine Carolina Trustee Professor 803-777-6236
Faculty Chaplin, Paul Clinical Senior Instructor 803-777-6232
Faculty Christle, Christine, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2922
Faculty Cook, Daniella Ann, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Program Coordinator - Secondary Social Studies 803-777-8076
Staff Cook, Marie Administrative Manager 803-777-3069
Faculty Cox, Edward Phillip, Ed.D. Associate Professor 803-777-3089
Faculty Crews, Moody, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Counselor Education 803-777-0390
Staff D'Amico, Leigh, Ed.D. Research Assistant Professor 803-777-8072
Staff Dantzler, Ashley Administrative Coordinator Assistant to the Department Chair 803-777-3802
Staff Davis, Frederica Rene Administrative Coordinator 803-777-3173
Staff Davis, Jr., Albert Information Resource Consultant 803-777-4475
Staff DeBruhl, Teri Program Coordinator 803-777-9033
Staff Dedmon, Rob Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs 803-777-3036
Faculty Deford, Diane E., Ed.D. Professor, Language and Literacy 803-777-6241
Staff Delton, Carolyn Executive Assistant to the Dean 803-777-3075
Faculty DiStefano, Christine, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-4362
Faculty Dickenson, Tammiee S., Ph.D. Research Professor Director - Office of Program Evaluation 803-777-3402
Faculty Dickey, Edwin, Ph.D. Professor Associate Department Chair 803-777-6235
Faculty Doutis, Panayiotis , Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-5287
Faculty Drasgow, Erik, Ph.D. Interim Associate Dean Professor and Chair 803-777-8898
Staff Dueno, Sherrie South Carolina Child Care Resource & Referral Network Director 803-777-8481
Faculty Edens, Kellah M., Ph.D. Associate Professor Educational Psychology and Research 803-777-2856
Staff Elliot-Cattell, June Administrative Assistant
Faculty Evans, Kathy M., Ph.D. Associate Professor Counselor Education 803-777-1937
Faculty Flora, Joe, Ed.D. Clinical Professor 843-295-0209
Staff Frick, Maggie Student Services Coordinator 803-777-3029 Office of Clinical Experiences Frick
Staff Gaines, Ed.D., Sondra M. Research Associate 803-777-5375 Sondra Gaines OPE Office of Program Evaluation
Faculty Gamble, Margaret, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-1218
Staff Gause, Simone Assistant Dean for Administration 803-777-8602
Faculty Gold, Joshua M., Ph.D. Professor Counselor Education 803-777-1936
Faculty Goodman, Janie Riddle, Ph.D. Instructor 803-777-9495 Janie Riddle Goodman
Faculty Googe, Heather Smith, Ph.D. Research Associate, Director-South Carolina Child Care Inclusion Collaborative 803-777-2861
Faculty Grant, Michael M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Educational Technology Program Coordinator 803-777-6176
Faculty Greer, Fred W., Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor 803-777-0656
Staff Griffin, Regina R. Administrative Assistant 803-777-2351
Faculty Haber, Russell, Ph.D. Instructor Counselor Education 803-777-7039
Staff Hibshman, Tiffany Grants Manager 803-777-1246
Staff Hill, Lawona On-campus Student Services Coordinator 803-777-3286
Staff Hines, Derrick Teaching Fellows Campus Director Teacher Cadet College Coordinator 803-777-6241
Faculty Hodges, Thomas E., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-8073
Faculty Holt, Ashley K. Clinical Instructor Special Education 803-777-2387 Ashley King Holt, Ashley Holt
Staff Horton, Sheryl Student Services Coordinator 803-576-5699
Faculty Hudgins, James L., Ph.D. Clinical Professor; Director of the Community College Leadership Alliance; President Emeritus of SC Technical College System 803-463-5891
Staff Hudson, Tom F. Executive Director SC School Improvement Council Clinical Instructor 803-777-9618
Faculty Hébert, Thomas P., Ph.D. Professor of Gifted and Talented Education 803-777-8074
Faculty Irvin, Matthew J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Educational Psychology and Research 803-777-3103
Staff Isaac, Constance Student Services Coordinator 803-777-6732
Staff Isaac-Black, Carolyn Administrative Assistant 803-777-8185
Faculty Jackson, Margo Clinical Instructor 803-777-4717
Faculty Jeffries, Rhonda, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-5270
Faculty Jewett, Pamela, Ph.D. Associate Professor Language and Literacy 803-777-2055
Staff Johnson, Carolyn G. Administrative Coordinator for Human Resources 803-777-2562
Faculty Johnson, Robert L. Professor 803-777-5273
Staff Joy, Matthew L. Director of Information Technology and Operations 803-777-6090 Matthew Joy
Staff Judge, Tara Administrative Assistant, South Carolina Resource & Referral Network 803-777-2270
Faculty Kelly, Patrick M., Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-8863
Faculty Kridel, Craig, Ph.D. E. S. Gambrell Professor of Educational Studies Curator of the Museum of Education, University of South Carolina 803-777-7257
Staff Lay, Stephen Accountant/Fiscal Analyst 803-777-2822
Staff Lewis, Ashlee, Ph.D. Senior Research Associate 803-777-5090
Faculty Limberg, Dodie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Counselor Education 803-777-6311
Faculty Lindsay, Sandra R. , Ed.D. Clinical Professor 803-777-1503
Faculty Liu, Xiaofeng S., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-6084
Faculty Long, Susi, Ph.D. Professor, Early Childhood Education & Language and Literacy
Staff Looney, Elizabeth Coordinator of Clinical Experiences 803-777-4837
Faculty Lopez-Robertson, Julia, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2901
Staff Lorinovich, Gwen Administrative Coordinator & Assistant to the Department Chair 803-777-2489
Faculty Lotter, Christine, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-6593
Faculty Lussier, Richard R., Ed.D. Instructor 803-777-2489 Richard R. Lussier
Faculty Marshall, Kathleen J., Ph.D. Associate Professor Special Education 803-777-3045
Faculty Martin, Christie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Staff McFall, Jennifer Student Services Coordinator 803-777-6909
Faculty Miller, Bridget, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Science Education 803-777-8854
Faculty Mills, Heidi, Ph.D. Hungerpiller Professor, Department of Instruction and Teacher Education Curriculum, Research and Development Specialist at the Center for Inquiry 803-777-4265
Staff Mitchell, Debbie Student Services Coordinator 803-777-6732
Faculty Mitchell, Murray, Ph.D. Professor Associate Dean of the Graduate School 803--777-1418
Faculty Monrad, Diane M. , Ph.D. Director, South Carolina Educational Policy Center Research Associate Professor 803-777-8244
Faculty Monsma, Eva, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-1386
Faculty Morris, William, Ph.D. Clinical Instructor 803-777-3827
Staff Morton, Valencia E. Administrative Assistant Programs for Educational Psychology & Research and Educational Foundations & Inquiry 803-777-5738
Faculty Moyi, Peter, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-1549
Faculty Muller, Meir, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor Early Childhood Education 803-513-9615
Faculty Mulvey, Kelly Lynn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-6609
Staff Myers, Michele, Ph.D Clinical Assistant Professor MAT Coordinator 803-777-9688
Faculty Nave, Douglas Director, Physical Activities Program 803-777-3239
Faculty Niehaus, Julie Program Manager, Office of Educational Outreach (803) 576-6248
Faculty Niehaus, Kate, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-2715
Faculty Nilges-Charles, Lynda, Ph.D. Department Chair Associate Professor 803-777-0173
Faculty Oglan, Victoria, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-7749
Faculty Ohrt, Jonathan H., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Counselor Education 803-777-5427
Staff Pedersen, Jon Dean 803-777-3075 dean,
Staff Peterson, Lisa Accreditation Coordinator 803-777-6417
Faculty Platt, C. Spencer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-9118
Faculty Plotner, Anthony, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Special Education 803-777-7664
Faculty Plyler, Chris P., Ph.D. Vice Chancellor for Palmetto College and Vice Provost Professor of Education 803-777-7695
Faculty Rao, Vasanthi, Ph.D. Administrative Data Analyst 803-777-8482
Staff Renade, Nivedita Research Associate 803-777-7140
Staff Richardson, Diane Administrative Assistant 803-777-3172
Staff Roberts, H. Ruth, MA Student Services Coordinator 803-777-3570
Faculty Rotholz, Julie, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-2831
Faculty Roy, George J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor in Middle Level Mathematics Education 803-777-8853
Faculty Schramm-Pate, Susan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies, Instruction and Teacher Education Graduate Director of Women’s & Gender Studies 803-777-3087
Faculty Seaman, Michael A. , Ph.D. Associate Professor Educational Research 803-777-0934
Faculty Shah, Payal P., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Educational Foundations & Inquiry 803-777-4462
Staff Shepard, Jason Information Resources Consultant 803-777-4888
Faculty Smith, Douglas A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-4269
Faculty Smoak, Kim SC Teaching Fellows-USC Campus Director and Clinical Faculty 803-777-6401
Staff Sokol, Kristy Academic Advisor 803-777-9119
Faculty Spence, Lucy K., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-0501
Staff St. Gerard, Phillippe Public Information Coordinator 803-777-8842
Faculty Stephens, Diane, Ph.D. Professor 803-777-8185
Staff Stephens, Rhonda Director for Grants and Contracts 803-777-7761
Faculty Stevick, Doyle, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-4158
Faculty Stodden, David F., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-9882
Faculty Styslinger, Mary E., Ph.D. Associate Professor, English and Literacy Education 803-777-2233
Faculty Tamim, Suha R., Ed.D. Clinical Assistant Professor 803-777-2489 Suha Rahif Tamim
Staff Tester, Diana M. Research Associate 803-777-0343
Faculty Thompson, Stephen L., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science Education 803-777-6820
Staff Tompkins, Barrie Administrative Coordinator 803-777-2562
Faculty Tran, Henry, MPA, SHRM-CP, PHR, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-1503 Henry Tran
Staff Turner, Mike Grants Administrator 803-777-0678
Staff Utter, Karen, J.D. Coordinator, Programs and Research 803-777-7658
Staff Van Buren, Cindy, Ph.D. Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Professional Preparation 803-777-6417 Cindy Van Buren
Faculty Van Scoy, Irma J., Ph.D. Associate Professor (ITE), Executive Director for USC Connect (Office of the Provost) 803-777-6728
Faculty Vogler, Kenneth, Ed.D. Associate Professor
Faculty Wang, Yang, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Language and Literacy 803-777-9963
Staff Watson, Donna Director, Office of Student Services 803-777-3022
Faculty Watson, Lemuel W., Ph.D. Professor
Faculty Webster, Collin A., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2503
Faculty White, Elizabeth L. Program Coordinator, Clinical Faculty 803-777-6031
Staff Williams, Debra Business Coordinator Carolina Life Programs and S.C. School Improvement Council 803-777-2008
Faculty Williams, Toni M., Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Middle Level Education and Language and Literacy 803-777-4707
Faculty Winburn, Linda Clinical Instructor 803-777-5991
Faculty Wolfe, Katie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-8260
Staff Wolverton, Claudia SC-SCI Digital and Web Director 803-777-7658
Staff Wragg, Regina E., Ph.D. Coordinator of Assessment 803-777-3031
Faculty Yee, Sean P., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education 803-777-6884
Faculty Yell, Mitchell L., Ph.D. Fred and Francis Palmetto Chair in Teacher Education Special Education 803-777-5279
Faculty Young, I. Phillip, Ed.D. Professor and Department Chair 803-777-8078
Faculty Yow, Jan A., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2472