The IMC Network is a group of university-wide unit level communicators from all areas of the system that meets monthly for networking, idea generation, knowledge sharing, professional development opportunities and training for topics of interest. Through this network, the Division of Communications will update marketers on any university-wide initiatives in the planning phases. This group can triage requests for market research and encourage shared investments across units on projects of interest.

Called to order byDirector of Strategic Marketing
Meeting Timing: Monthly

All faculty and staff with communications and marketing responsibilities both within USC Columbia and throughout the entire system.

To successfully launch integrated marketing at USC, all levels of the organization must actively be involved in the development and implementation of the strategic marketing plan and associated goals at both an institutional and unit level. The following teams have been established to accomplish these goals.

Executive Marketing Cabinet

The cabinet will discuss and determine, based on institutional strategy, the marketing objectives, goals and approach at the institutional level. The cabinet will at first work most closely with our agency partners in developing the strategy and branding platform and messaging, and thereafter will revisit the IMC strategy to ensure implementation is occurring and that any breakdown in communication can be proactively addressed. This cabinet will facilitate coordination of the plan with all the external relations units of the university, including alumni and development, government relations, enrollment management and athletics.

Called to order by: Vice President, Communications
Meeting Timing: At first, regular; after plan - twice a year - fall and spring (one of these meetings will include the president and provost)

Wes Hickman, Communications, Convener
Christine Curtis, Academic Affairs
Jancy Houck, Development and Alumni Relations
Marcy Girton, Athletics
Bob Wertz, Creative Services
John Valentine, Strategic Marketing
Larry Pearce, Communications
Chris Plyler, Regional and Extended Campuses
Dennis Pruitt, Student Affairs
Amy Stone, Board of Trustees
Jack W. Claypoole, Alumni Association
Chase Mizzell, president, USC Student Government
Trey Walker, Director of State Relations

Dean's IMC Council

This representative committee of the university's academic deans will meet quarterly to review and understand the IMC strategy and priorities as outlined by the Executive Marketing Cabinet. Representatives will solicit questions, opinions and share updates with all deans in regard to IMC activities and will serve as the academic administration voice in the process. This council ensures that the institutional strategic direction is understood and implemented through the colleges and schools.

Called to order by: Vice President, Communications
Meeting Timing: Quarterly - once each fall, winter, spring and summer terms

Wes Hickman, Communications, Convener
Tony Ambler, Engineering & Computing
Joe DiPiro, Pharmacy
MaryAnne Fitzpatrick, Arts and Sciences
Tayloe Harding, Music
Peggy Hewlett, Nursing
Tom McNally, Libraries
Hildy Teegen, Business
Bob Wertz, Creative Services
John Valentine, Strategic Marketing

IMC Implementation Team

The committee participates in regular update meetings to understand and strategize about implementation of marketing goals and objectives for the university. This committee will discuss how to best align goals and marketing plans for their respective and representative units with the IMC. The committee will be called upon for consultation on university-wide initiatives such as conceptual development for brand advertising and strategic creative approaches.

The members will discuss how best to translate the IMC in unit communications and ensure that marketing efforts are appropriately coordinated and reinforce each other. Individuals on this committee will also serve as essential IMC "champions" for their units.

Called to order by: Director of Strategic Marketing
Meeting Timing:

John Valentine, Strategic Marketing
Misty Hatfield, USC Sumter
Mary Ruffin Childs, USC Alumni Association
Ryal Curtis, Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
Lynn McGee, USC Beaufort
Eric Nichols, Athletics
Bob Wertz, Creative Services
Larry Pearce, Communications
Marty Roth, Moore School of Business
J.C. Huggins, Web Communications