To honor the leadership of our Columbia campus colleges and schools, distinguish our senior and regional campuses, and provide recognition for our university-wide centers and upper administrative units "companion" logos have been created for each of these entities.

In these companion logo versions, the name of the campus, college, school or center has been typeset under University of South Carolina. Linear and standard companion logos have been created for each. The same color, size and spacing rules that apply to the University logo, apply to all companion logos.

Do not try to re-create these logos or try to create new versions

Additional logos are not permitted.

Other campus entities are encouraged to use type set treatments to identify themselves within the university brand and visual identity guidelines.

Contact University Creative Services for guidance.

Senior Campus Companion Logos

Upstate Logo

While the university logo represents the Columbia campus and the entire eight-campus system, companion logos have been created for the senior campuses (Aiken, Beaufort and Upstate).

Regional Campus Companion Logos

Sumter logo

The regional campuses (Lancaster, Salkehatchie, Sumter and Union) each have a companion logo.

University-wide centers companion logo

Sumter logo

Only centers funded through the USC Office of Research are considered university-wide and may have a companion logo.

Columbia campus colleges and schools companion logo

Arts and Sciences

Each of the degree-granting colleges and schools and university-wide academic units under the direction of a dean on the Columbia campus have a companion logo.

University administration companion logo

Sumter logo

University administrative divisions that are led by a vice president or report directly to the President may have a companion logo.

Download the logo

The .zip download folder contains EPS, PDF and high-resolution JPEG files of both standard and linear logo versions of the University logo.