NO LIMITS: Graphic styles

Photographic Approach

Life happens. Our photographic style tells Carolina’s story in unexpected ways. Our pictures make you stop, look twice and think. They also illustrate life uninterrupted.

No Limits photographs

  • Add credibility to the written words and support the story,
  • Convey a sense of welcome,
  • Are dynamic and energetic,
  • Reflect what it’s like to live, work and learn at USC,
  • Create a natural, at-ease sense.

Typographic Approach

Consistent typography provides visual unity to the No Limits messages. The treatment of headlines, body copy and other type elements are representative of the overall master brand. More importantly, the typefaces express USC’s personality. Gotham and Archer are the two font families featured in the campaign.

Gotham is the primary font. The clean lines project a modern feel and the wide range of weights makes it ideal for use in headlines, subheads and text.

Archer is a secondary font. This slab serif font projects more of an informal, casual feel and reflects our welcoming personality.

For more information on the typographic style, click here.

University Logo

The logo when used in the No Limits campaign shows USC’s heritage and the statewide impact of our eight-campus system.

logo use