In October 2012, the College of Nursing website was launched as the “alpha” test site for the university’s Web Redesign and Redevelopment project. Enhancements to the page designs that the College of Nursing used were created based on feedback and the results of usability testing. These enhancements were included in the launch of the School of Music website launched in April 2013.

One of the goals of the project is to create a self-service approach for Web publishing that will allow individual units to create and manage their own Web content. To foster that self-service approach, guidebooks are being written for planning, visualizing and building a website within the university’s content management system using the new page designs.

The Planning Guide is the first of the three books designed to guide project leaders through the redesign and redevelopment of their websites. The planning guide outlines how to think through audience definition, user and site goals, content strategy and website structure.

Download: Web Redesign and Redevelopment Planning Guide >>

The Style Guide, the second book in the series, introduces the page designs and content modules that have been created for the redesign project. Project teams will learn from this guide how to give a visual presentation to the website they planned with the Planning Guide. The Style Guide will be reviewed with project teams after completing the sixth phase of planning is completed.

The final book in the series, the Training Guide, will be used in hands-on training exercises for the content management system (CMS) conducted by UTS. This training will show the people responsible for building and managing a unit’s web presence how to use the CMS to build the website they planned with the Planning Guide and visualized with the Style Guide. The Training Guide will be reviewed with project teams and training will be scheduled after the eighth phase of planning is completed.