University 101 Programs


University 101 Programs has developed four courses to help students achieve academic success.

UNIV 101

University 101, The Student in the University, is a first-year student seminar which was introduced to the Columbia campus in 1972. University 101 is a three credit hour, letter-graded course for first-year and transfer students. The purpose of University 101 is to help new students make a successful transition to the University of South Carolina, both academically and personally. The course aims to foster a sense of belonging, promote engagement in the curricular and co-curricular life of the University, articulate to students the expectations of the University and its faculty, help students develop and apply critical thinking skills, and help students clarify their purpose, meaning, and direction. Over the years, student enrollment has risen to approximately 80% of the incoming freshmen class. University 101 is team taught in small groups (19 students) by faculty or staff members and upper-class peer or graduate leaders The course also has a set of common learning outcomes which are required for all sections.

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UNIV 201

University 201, Fundamentals of Integrative Learning, Integrates concrete experience with theoretical foundations by reflecting and applying information. Includes a focus on one more experiential pathways such as community service, diversity and social advocacy, global learning, professional/civic engagement, or research.

UNIV 290

University 290, Special Topics in Residential College, is a one credit hour course for students in a living-learning community that covers topics aligned with the mission and goals of the particular community. Recent topics have included sustainability, life exploration through the "Road Trip Nation" approach, and exploration of contemporary issues. The course may be repeated twice for credit under a different suffix and topic. These courses are generally taught by faculty associated with the learning community or by the Principal or other staff of the community.

UNIV 401

University 401, Senior Capstone Experience, is a seminar designed to prepare juniors and seniors for the transition to their career or graduate school following graduation. Students enrolled in specific sections of University 401 usually share the same academic major and/or career goals (i.e. pre-med, pre-law, journalism and mass communications, industrial chemistry, etc.). The course is designed to assist students in bringing closure to their college experience through systematic, intentional reflection on both the student's major and, in general, their liberal arts education.