University 101 Programs

How to Become an Instructor

University 101 is taught by faculty, staff, and administrators at the University of South Carolina who are committed to first-year student learning, and success.

The minimum requirements to teach include:
  • Masters' degree or higher from an accredited institution (transcript required)
  • Completion of the Teaching Experience Workshop
  • Status as a full-time University employee or retiree of USC - Columbia
  • Approval by the instructor's supervisor or department chair
  • Approval by the Director of University 101 Programs

How do I Apply?

Prospective instructors should submit the University 101 New Instructor Application, along with a current resume and cover letter to University 101 Programs at 1728 College Street or to Elise Porter at A meeting with the Director of University 101 Programs will be scheduled to discuss the opportunity of teaching the course. As part of this application, you will be asked to select a preferred Teaching Experience Workshop. Decisions on new instructors will be made throughout the year.