Fueling Procedures:

When choosing a fuel facility, ensure that the facility will accept the Wright Express Card first. Look for this
Wright Express logo, usually displayed on a sign or on a decal directly on the pumps or in the window of the

Pull vehicle up to appropriate self-service fuel pump, (REGUALR FUEL ONLY ).

Check the vehicle odometer reading. You will be prompted to enter this number. (Use mileage without tenths.)

If the facility has "pay at the pump" dispensers, insert your card into the card reader (as shown)
Follow the instructions as shown on the computer screen. You will be prompted to enter your 6 digit PIN # aka

If the facility you choose does not have the "pay at the pump" dispensers , simply pump your fuel then present the
cashier the fuel card to pay for the purchase. The cashier may hand you a PIN Pad for you to enter your PIN #
and the ODOMETER READING. If the cashier does not offer you a PIN Pad, that facility may not have the
level of automation required to capture odometer and PIN data. In cases where the cashier is prompted for a PIN,
but a PIN Pad is not available, you may be required to give the cashier your PIN. Most facilities should have
these levels of automation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always obtain a receipt for purchases made at retail facilities. These receipts should be retained by each
agency with the vehicle trip logs and are subject to audit. Purchases made at state owned facilities do not
require a receipt.

After Normal Business Hours - Emergency Repair Procedures

Locate a vendor that accepts the card, and can make the required repairs up to the available limit on your card.
Important Note: For repairs that cost beyond your available daily limit, wait until the next business day to call
your supervisor and or your Fuel Card Administrator.

Have repairs made.

Use card to pay for repairs.

After the repair authorization is completed, obtain an itemized receipt and give it to your agency fuel card

If State Fleet Management's Commercial Vendor Repair Program (CVRP) is responsible for your repairs and your
agency has signed an agreement for the Emergency Services Program (ESP) you should call 1-800-277-3686 for

Important: Any expenditure for routine maintenance other than car washes is not allowed. Exception
reports detailing unauthorized purchases will be reported to your Agency within 72 hours of the
purchase. The card may not be used for oil changes or any other maintenance that can be scheduled and
planned for!

FAQs about your New Blue Wright Express Fuel Card

Where can the card be used?
The new blue state fuel card has the same Wright Express affiliation as the previous cards have had. This means that the
card is accepted at locations that you are already familiar with and any other vendor displaying the WEX logo.
The new card may also be used at state owned facilities that have been converted to accept the new cards (look for decals
on the the fuel station confirming that the site has been converted to accept the new fuel card). A retail site directory is
available online at:

What may be purchased with the new fuel card?
The new state fuel card may be used to purchase fuel, car washes, oil, and fluids up to pre-designated limits for state
owned vehicles. (refer questions about your limit to your agency fuel card administrator.)

Who can use the new cards?
Any state employee or contract worker having a valid PIN (Personal Identification Number) may use the card. A valid
PIN is mandatory for card use!!! Never give other co-workers your PIN!!! Your PIN identifies you as making a
purchase with the fuel card.

Where do I get my PIN?
You should have received a PIN from your supervisor or agency Fuel Card Administrator (FCA). If not, your new PIN #
can be requested by your agency Primary or Secondary Fuel Card Administrator.

Who is my Primary and/or Secondary Fuel Card Administrator?
Your fuel Card Administrators:

Primary: Chris Howard -777-9345 -

Secondary: Tracy Aldrich - 777-3153 -

What do I do if my card is rejected?
There are two 24-hour customer service numbers located on the back of the card for problem resolution. The customer
service representative should be able to let you know why the card was rejected. If the customer service representative is
unable to provide manual authorization for the purchase, the driver must pay for the purchase and request reimbursement
from their agency. Please inform your agency fuel card administrator of the rejection to avoid future problems.

What do I do if the card is lost, stolen or damaged?
Notify your supervisor immediately, along with your Agency Fuel Card Administrator.

Is the price of fuel different at each fueling facility?
No! The State has secured a prearranged price for self service fuel purchased with this new card. The price is the same
regardless of pump prices shown. This means that state employees should never deviate from their route to obtain fuel for
state owned vehicles.

Important Notes

State fuel cards are to be used only for the purchase of fuel/petroleum products, car washes, and emergency repairs as explained in
the user instructions. (Keep Receipts)

Items such as drinks, food, or other items of personal nature may not be purchased with the State fuel card. Any unauthorized
purchase will be reported to your agency and to State Fleet Management within 72 hours. Do not purchase fuel from full-service
pumps. This is considered an unauthorized purchase.

Only your Agency Fuel Card Administrator may order replacement cards in the event the card is lost, stolen or does not work


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