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Institute for Infectious Disease Translational Research

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SC Impact

Infectious diseases directly impact the way South Carolinians conduct their daily lives. The research conducted by this institute seeks to effectively prevent, mitigate, and treat infectious diseases most important for our state.

The key scientific evidence generated through this research about the disease pathways leading to emerging or persisting infections will benefit local residents.

South Carolina is home to many populations that are vulnerable to the devastating impacts of pathogens with epidemic potential and will benefit enormously from the real-world applications of this research.

Specific Groups Benefited by the Research

While this research will improve the lives of all individuals in South Carolina, certain groups will greatly benefit from our focus area and the institute's work at large.

  • Pregnant Women and their Newborns
  • Populations affected by Health Disparities

Pregnant Women and their Newborns

Despite the severe maternal-child health impacts, scientists know very little about how infections during pregnancy transmit from mom to baby. This leaves clinicians with a lack of effective intervention options to triage mothers and newborns at-risk of disease, prevent infections in utero, provide pre-emptive treatment or stop potentially fatal consequences. 

The new understanding and results from this research will make a big difference for our state and the women and females with growing families that reside here.

Populations affected by Health Disparities  

Effective response to an infectious disease outbreak depends on swiftly identifying the causative pathogen, the organism causing disease. The rapid spread of organisms can lead to time-sensitive situations and impact the health and welfare of our residents. This work is especially important to those living in areas with inadequate access to healthcare resources. By conducting research both abroad and across our state, we are in the unique position to:

  • Flexibly adapt as emerging or re-emerging diseases present as public health threats in South Carolina
  • Study emerging infectious threats at their foreign epicenters before they reach American soil

Our research will allow for advance preparation of public health measures to threatening infectious diseases thus, significantly reducing the morbidity and mortality of those most susceptible across the state and the nation.

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Institute for Infectious Disease Translational Research

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