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Office of Pre-Professional Advising

Current Students

Pre-Med Timeline


  • Make sure you are registered for the correct science classes (science majors’ science courses) at Orientation.
  • Attend the Pre-Med Orientation before the start of classes.
  • Stop by or call Pre-Professional Advising to be placed on our list-serv. Do this soon as you arrive on campus.
  • Inform your academic advisor that you are a pre-med student.
  • Focus on your grades; get off to a good start by honing your time management and study skills.


  • Begin getting exposure to health care through community service, part-time employment, or shadowing. The OPPA offers day-long experiences through MedView Shadowing Program on our website.
  • Get to know your professors! You will need letters of recommendation next year.
  • Come by the OPPA to make sure you are on track and go over your plan. Drop-in hours are Tuesdays 1 - 4 p.m. and Wednesdays 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. We have many resources in our office.


  • Begin reviewing for the MCAT.
  • Attend informational meetings for junior class or visit the OPPA to make sure you are on track. This is important! This is the busiest year for your med school application preparation.
  • You should have at least three recommendations; two from science professors, one from a nonscience professor, and one or two from other sources (employer, coach, doctor, research mentor, etc.).
  • Attend one of the AMCAS workshops offered in the spring. This is CRUCIAL!
  • Register for the MCAT.
  • Take the MCAT.
  • Log on to the AAMC website to begin work on your American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS) application.
  • Certify and submit your AMCAS application as soon as possible after the June open date and submit the appropriate supplemental documents.


  • Complete and return supplemental (secondary) applications, as received, to specific medical schools.
  • Make sure all of your recommendations are sent in according to the AMCAS Instruction Manual.
  • Inquire at each medical school to ensure all materials have been received.
  • Respond to any medical school interview requests immediately.
  • Schedule a mock interview at the OPPA.
  • Notify all medical schools offering you admission of your decisions as early as possible.
  • Please inform our office about acceptances and where you will matriculate. Good luck!

*For a printable version of this page click here [pdf].

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