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Office of System Affairs

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Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources supports the colleges, departments, and campuses of the university by providing reliable and creative human resources services and solutions. It is their goal to help the university attract, develop, reward, and retain exceptional faculty and staff.


  • Provides support in the areas of leave administration, the Affordable Care Act, benefits administration, employee records, and retirement planning
  • Determines FMLA eligibility, administers the advanced leave program, the leave transfer program and the extended disability leave program
  • Provides employee assistance with LTD benefits, disability retirement benefits and retiree insurance
  • Manages the Workers’ Compensation program including review of injury reports, supervisor’s report and physicians report.
  • Submits and monitors claims to the State Accident Fund
  • Coordinates worker’s compensation option and notifies payroll upon approval
  • Prepares and distributes the annual Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Form 300A, Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses to the SC Department of Labor
  • Manages Military Leave
  • Supports campus human resources representatives for Leave Without Pay (LWOP) issues 
  • Tracks eligibility and reporting requirements under the Affordable Care Act including legislative and PEBA updates
  • Measures and monitors employee eligibility
  • Submits required reports to the IRS
  • Provides PEBA Insurance Benefits and PEBA Retirement Benefits information and compliance assistance to campus benefit administrators and offers guidance regarding PEBA guidelines and regulations
  • Coordinates actions with campus HR representatives for insurance or retirement enrollment rejections
  • Coordinates information regarding payroll deductions for benefits
  • Maintains electronic files for all employees
  • Enters personal data changes
  • Manages adjustments to leave accrual dates and state service dates and communicates changes to the employee
  • Guides employees through the retirement application process for pension and insurance benefits
  • Consults on State Human Resources Regulations, State and Federal Laws, and University Policies and Procedures regarding performance management, organizational and professional development, immigration and international exchange, ADA accommodation, unemployment compensation, disciplinary action and the grievance process.
  • Oversees the employee performance management system (EPMS-Performance Appraisal) process and policy
  • Delivers performance management training and counsels employees, supervisors, and managers to enhance their understanding of the process
  • Notifies campus human resources representatives of off cycle review dates
  • Coordinates exit interview process and utilizes the information received to make recommendations for improvement
  • Advises system campuses participating in any unemployment compensation appeal or hearing, ensures representation at all hearings and timely completion of the process and arranges department representatives and witnesses
  • Guides employees, supervisors and managers through the return to work/reasonable accommodation process after a disclosed disability or an illness or injury requiring workplace considerations, restrictions, and/or limitations, and assists with Fit for Duty requests
  • Provides consultation and support for disciplinary actions
  • Addresses workplace issues, and provides conflict resolution and problem solving recommendations
  • Offers feedback on disciplinary action letters, memorandums and other correspondences
  • Assists with policy and procedure development, implementation, interpretation and compliance
  • Administers and enforces all policies, procedures, practices and processes in a consistent, fair and equitable manner
  • Administers the grievance process to include the coordination of hearings, committee training and settlement agreements.
  • Offers instructor led classroom experiences for LEAD: Supervisory Essentials and LEAD 2: Effective Management Programs, a two-track management development program for supervisors
  • Provides training in the Family Medical Leave Act, Workers Compensation, team building, strategic planning, process improvement, customer service, diversity and other areas of Human Resources
  • Sponsors personal development programs that provide in-depth information on health and wellness topics, like financial education, work-life balance, stress management and the mind-body connection
  • Partners with USC Aiken to develop a leadership program for faculty and system administrators for system campuses.

The Office for International Scholars (OIS) is responsible for non-U.S. citizen faculty, research staff, affiliates and sponsored visitors across the UofSC system.  OIS advises university departments preparing to welcome non-U.S. citizen faculty, research staff, affiliates and sponsored visitors and supports the employment-based or exchange-based U.S. immigration process.

  • Administers the hiring process
  • Provides advice on the full range of recruitment and employment procedures, including policy interpretation
  • Offers advice and training on the use of USCjobs, the online applicant tracking and position description system
  • Posts position vacancies on the USCjobs online system
  • Manages the background check process

Background checks are contracted to an outside vendor. Follow up notifications are sent by the Office of Recruitment and Employment as needed.

  • Manages all positions, establishes new positions, reviews and approves adjustments to position descriptions and compensation and ensures compliance with state and federal requirements
  • The Classification and Compensation unit manages classified positions, research grant positions and time-limited positions. Provides guidance to campus level human resource managers on appropriate classification and compensation levels to ensure equity across units. Offers training on the preparation of position descriptions. Administers the classification plan to include analysis and approval of reclassifications, additional duties and responsibilities, reassignments, and position description updates. Analyses and approves one-step promotional increases. Reviews and approves job requisitions prior to posting. Analyzes and approves salaries above the posted minimums for new hires. Analyzes and approves pay for performance increases. Establishes Research Grant and Time-Limited Positions. Forwards Time-Limited Positions to the state budget office for approval. Maintains a Sharepoint list for all approved tuition assistance.
  • Human Resources Systems processes account changes for positions, scans human resources documents for inclusion in the employees’ official personnel file and for distribution to the home campus or unit and develops reports based on human resources data.
  • The Salary administration unit tracks all received, completed and processed salary and payroll information and notifies the responsible campus representative. Reviews and prepares endowed chair payments for signatures. Researches overpayments, coordinating with payroll and campus human resource managers.
  • Workforce Services and Operations consults and recommends actions for the improvement of human resources business processes. Manages the appropriated FTEs and ensures compliance for I-9 and e-Verify. Analyzes, approves and processes transactions for new hires, promotions, lateral transfers, reassignments, separations, additional knowledge and skills increases, supplements, bonuses, cash awards and retentions for staff. Reviews and processes transactions for Staff on Leave Without Pay for more than 10 days. Reviews and processes addition, updates and separations of Affiliates. Reviews and processes appointments for non-tenure track Faculty. Reviews and processes additional duties and responsibilities increases, pay-for-performance increases, summer compensation and retentions for Faculty. Reviews and approves Sabbaticals and other leave types for Faculty. Processes legislatively mandated pay increases and bonuses.

Office of System Affairs

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