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The University Women's Club

The University Women's Club



Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be The University Women’s Club (UWC) of the University of South Carolina.

Article II – Objectives

The UWC was established to promote closer relationships among members and a warm and friendly atmosphere in the University community. The Club welcomes new members from within that community. The membership database is not, however, to be used for commercial or other solicitation purposes.

Article III – Members

  1. Women who are eligible for membership include wives of current or retired faculty or administrative officers and women who are current or retired faculty or administrative officers of the University. In addition, women who are clinical or adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, or athletic coaches (or the wives of men in these positions with the University) are eligible. In general, women who support the University in its educational or professional endeavors will be considered eligible for membership in the UWC. Individuals who have been active members of the UWC may continue their membership after their official association with the University has ended.
  2. Active membership requires the payment of annual dues. Membership may continue as long as dues are paid current. Only paid members may participate in Interest Groups. 

Article IV – Executive Committee

  1. The organization shall be informally governed by an Executive Committee of volunteers from the membership.
  2. The Executive Committee shall include, at a minimum, a member who maintains the treasury, a member who maintains a list of the current membership, and a member who arranges for the publication and distribution of an annual membership directory. In the absence of volunteers for the latter two duties, the Executive Committee may pay (from the treasury funds) an outside individual to perform these duties.
  3. In addition, the Executive Committee shall include members to coordinate specific events (described below).

Article V – Annual Dues

The amount of the annual dues shall be determined by the Executive Committee prior to the fall semester to allow the UWC to support scheduled events and to maintain and distribute the membership directory. All other communication with members shall be via an e-mail distribution list.

Article VI – Meetings

  1. Meetings will be scheduled by the Executive Committee and shall include at a minimum the following:
    • Fall Coffee (generally at the President’s House)
    • Holiday Decorating of the President’s House
    • Spring Luncheon
  2. Quorum: Ten percent (10%) or more of the membership of the organization shall constitute a quorum at all meetings (for the purposes of any vote called for by the Executive Committee).
  3. An Interest Group may be established around a common interest of several members and shall be coordinated by volunteers from within that Group. Each Interest Group is encouraged to seek out and welcome new members.

Article VII – Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern this organization in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with the Bylaws of this body.

Article VIII – Method of Amending Bylaws

The Bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting if supported by two-thirds of the votes cast, a quorum being present, and providing such proposed amendment has been submitted in writing and endorsed by three active members at the previous meeting, or has been submitted to the members in writing.

Article IX – Dissolution

In the case of the dissolution of this organization, its assets in their entirety shall be given to the Educational Foundation of the University of South Carolina.

The University Women's Club

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