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Linguistics Program

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The study of linguistics is about peeling back the layers of communication, starting at the most basic elements like sound and words, leading all the way up to the aspects of language evolution, acquisition, and usage.

Graduate Program

There are multiple programs available to students seeking more rigorous study in linguistics. The Ph.D. program involves intensive training in a specific subfield of linguistics, and prepares students to pursue research and to teach in that subfield. Students are typically expected to complete this degree in 4 to 5 years. The M.A. in Linguistics is a general degree in linguistics that can be completed in 2 years.

Graduate students also have the option to pursue a TESOL certificate if they intend to head into teaching English to non-native speakers.


Undergraduate Program

The Linguistics Program offers a minor and a cognate in the field. If you desire more comprehensive study, the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (BAIS) program offers a major with a Linguistics concentration. 


Linguistics students and faculty produce articles and papers frequently, for journals such as Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Language in Society, and Second Language Research. They also have the opportunity to present their work at national and regional conferences such as the Linguistic Society of America, the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, the Second Language Research Forum, TESOL International, and the CUNY Conference on Language Processing. 

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