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Mentor Program

The Moore School Mentor Program gives alumni and friends of the Moore School the opportunity to share meaningful personal and professional knowledge and experiences with current Moore School students. Connections made in this program prepare students for a successful future and transition into the role of alumni.

About the Program

The Moore School is in the business of preparing students to be future business leaders who possess leading-edge functional skills, critical soft skills such as professionalism, teamwork, leadership, communication, and relevant real-world experience.  The Mentor Program provides a valuable opportunity for students to explore and develop their academic and professional goals through the practical insight, coaching and experiences of business professionals.  Mentors are Moore School graduates and affiliated business professionals who are successful and experienced, and have volunteered their time to make a positive impact in the life of a student.

The program gives students the opportunity to form one-on-one relationships with accomplished mentors in their industry of interests, begin building their networks in their field of study, and defining their academic and professional goals.  At the same time, mentors support and contribute to the Moore School with their time and talent by sharing their collegiate and professional experiences with our students.  While the program is a great way for students to connect with professionals for valuable career guidance and other support, it is not intended as a job search path.

  • Current, enrolled undergraduate junior and senior or graduate student at the Darla Moore School of Business
  • Articulate interest in having a mentor’s guidance regarding career and professional development
  • Contact with alumni and professionals who are willing to guide and support professional development.
  • Increased confidence in your understanding of the business environment and workplace.
  • Motivation and support from your mentor in setting goals and achieving personal standards.
  • Develop a relationship with a professional who can serve as a role model and adviser to provide feedback on career paths.

Students are expected to review the Mentee Student Handbook prior to enrolling for the program. Enroll today.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a Moore School student, you have exclusive access to a large network of experienced alumni who are willing to share their wisdom and advice about life beyond the Moore School. The Moore School Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for you to form meaningful and lasting relationships with professionals that will extend beyond campus. As a program participant, you’ll have a chance to select a mentor.

The Moore School Mentor Program is designed to engage alumni and friends of the school of all backgrounds and experience levels.  You can either be paired for the full academic year (September to May) with the mentor who has accepted your request for mentorship, or you may have a one-time mentorship connection with a mentor.  We encourage you to connect with your mentor on a regular basis (i.e. once a month via phone call, Skype, or email conversation).  However, the frequency and form of communication are things you both can determine.  Please do not ask your mentor for a job or internship.  The Mentor Program is about building your professional network, personal development, and gaining academic and career advice.  This program is not a direct pipeline to a job or internship, though it can often help with opportunities in the future.

Students can be in a mentor relationship from September - April.  Mentors will review your request(s) and confirm/select student mentee(s) through the Moore Connect site.  Once your request is accepted, the mentorship may begin.

Following the steps outlined under "How do I participate" in the Student Handbook. 

Once you join Moore Connect, you will have a chance to review mentor profiles to find one who fits your interests and career goals.  Once you find your ideal mentor, click on the profile of the prospective mentor to review their experience, then click “Request Mentor.”  You will then be prompted and required to send a personalized message to request mentorship.  From there, alumni will review mentorship request(s) and approve student(s) accordingly.  Your personalized message is your first impression on the mentor, so choose your words wisely.

Please send one mentor request at a time. Make sure to review alumni profiles and carefully send your request to the mentor who best fits your interests and career goals. If your requested mentor does not accept your request, please contact You may be given permission to send an additional request.

We ask that you give alumni enough time to respond, typically 2-3 days.  Keep in mind that mentors are busy with their professions and personal lives, so please be considerate of their time.  If you do not receive a mentorship request acceptance, please do not send a follow-up message asking alumni if they received your request and would like to be your mentor.  You may contact for approval to submit a second request or a new mentor.

Once mentors have reached their mentoring capacity, they may change their availability so that they do not receive additional requests from mentees. Return to the Directory tab and begin searching for an alternate mentor.

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