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My Moore School

Professional MBA Cohorts

Fall 2020

Taylor Beach

Taylor Beach

Job title, Company: Manager of Business Talent, Textron Specialized Vehicles

Undergraduate major, school: Psychology, Michigan State University

Jennifer butler

Jennifer Butler

Job title, Company: Commodity Manager, Club Car

Undergraduate major, school:  Supply Chain Management, Howard University

Josh Hubert

Joshua "Josh" Hubert

Job title, Company: Connected Vehicle Systems Engineer, Ingersoll Rand/Club Car

Undergraduate major, school:  Electrical Engineering and Business, Lehigh University

Stacy Thompson

Stacey Thompson

Job title, Company:  Registrar and Adjunct Professor, Morris Museum of Art/Augusta University

Undergraduate major, school:  Studio Art and Anthropology; College Of Charleston

Pau Borotau

Pau Borotau

Job title, Company: Senior Consultant, Experis Executive

Undergraduate major, school:  Engineering in Telecommunications, Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Brynn Markham

Brynne Markham

Job title, Company: Office Administrator, Tanger Outlets

Undergraduate major, school:  Retail Merchandising and Product Development, Florida State University

Matthew "Matt" Rowden

Job title, Company:  International Demonstration Pilot, Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Undergraduate major, school:  Economics, University of Kansas

Zachary  "Zach" Bedell

Job title, Company:  Network Designer, Boeing

Undergraduate major, school:  Songwriting, Berklee College of Music 

Jacob Brumbach

Jacob "Jake" Brumbach

Job title, Company:  Submarine Warfare Officer, U.S. Navy

Undergraduate major, school:  Nuclear Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

David Carlos

David Carlos

Job title, Company: Hydraulic Territory Manager, Parker Hannifin  

Undergraduate major, school:  Mechanical Engineering, University Of Dayton 

Wylie Doyle

Wylie "Mac" Doyle

Job title, Company: Area Business Manager, Border States Electric

Undergraduate major, school:  Finance, Wofford College

Clinton Ebeling

Clinton "Bo" Ebeling

Job title, Company:  Director of Legal Affairs, Evening Post Industries

Undergraduate major, school:  Political Science, University of North Dakota

Zach gatewood

Zachary "Zack" Gatewood

Job title, Company: Petty Officer, U.S. Coast Guard

Undergraduate major, school:  Operations Management, University of Alabama

Keerti Iyer

Keerti Iyer

Job title, Company: Accounting Support Specialist, Blackbaud Inc.

Undergraduate major, school:  Accounts/Finance, Nagpur University (India)

Sloan Lindsey

Sloan Lindsey

Job title, Company: Market Manager, Martin Marietta

Undergraduate major, school:  English, The Citadel

Taylor Luce

Taylor Luce

Job title, Company:  Procurement Agent, The Boeing Company

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing, Elon University

Andrew MacPherson

Andrew MacPherson

Job title, Company: Submarine Officer, U.S. Navy

Undergraduate major, school:  Chemistry, U.S. Navel Academy

sheetalnath mahalungkar

Sheetalnath "Sheetal" Mahalungkar

Job title, Company: Maintenance Manager, Holcim (US) Inc.

Undergraduate major, school:  Mechanical Engineering, Shivaji University (India)

matthew moosbrugger

Matthew "Matt" Moosbrugger

Job title, Company:  Data Scientist, CGI

Undergraduate major, school:  Industrial Engineering, Clemson University

luca paoletti

Luca Paoletti

Job title, Company: Physician, Medical University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Biology, University of Virginia

Rachel Raad

Rachel Raad

Job title, Company:  Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Consulting Services Inc.

Undergraduate major, school:  Civil Engineering, University of South Carolina

clare riordan

Clare Riodan

Job title, Company: Senior Account Executive - Business Loans , LendingTree

Undergraduate major, school:  Sociology, University of South Carolina

greg steinbach

Greg Steinbock

Job title, Company:  Operations Officer, U.S.  Marine Corps

Undergraduate major, school:  Political Science, United States Naval Academy

kailyn taylor

Kailyn Taylor

Job title, Company:  Territory Sales Manager, Altria

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing, North Carolina A&T

travis yujuico

Travis Yujuico

Job title, Company:  Plant Buyer, GAF

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Management and Management Information Systems (MIS), Northeastern University

charles alexander

Charles "Chuck" Alexander

Job title, Company: SAP Solutions Architect, Collins Aerospace

Undergraduate major, University: Computer Information Systems, Western Carolina University

Kreshan Amin

Job title, Company: Vice President, Lumax, LLC

Undergraduate major, University: Finance, University of South Carolina

Christopher "Chris" Anderson

Job title, Company: Key Account Manager-Radcure NA, Allnex USA, Inc.

Undergraduate major, University: Chemistry, University of South Carolina

emily baker

Emily Baker

Job title, Company: Industry Consultant, NTT DATA Services  

Undergraduate major, school: Public Relations and Political Science, University of North Carolina 

Andrew Barnes

Job title, Company:  AVP and Model Risk Analyst, MUFG Union Bank

Undergraduate major, school: Finance and Marketing, University of North Carolina

tyson blanton

Tyson Blanton

Job title, Company: Public Relations Director, Lynches River Electric Cooperative

Undergraduate major, school:  Journalism and Mass Communication, University of South Carolina

jessica blue

Jessica Blue

Job title, Company: Senior Auditor, Wells Fargo

Undergraduate major, school:  Behavioral Science & Criminal Justice, Utah Valley University

blake boron

Blake Boron

Job title, Company:  Associate Category Manager, Trane Technologies

Undergraduate major, school:  Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University

judith ciesielski

Judith "Judy" Ciesielski

Job title, Company: Executive Vice President, Wells Fargo

Undergraduate major, school:  Accounting, Fairfield University

christina coriale

Christina Coriale

Job title, Company: French Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Undergraduate major, school:  French Adolescent Education, State University of New York

Elizabeth Covington

Elizabeth Covington

Job title, Company: Sr. Strategy Manager, Duke Energy

Undergraduate major, school:  Economics, North Carolina State University

Hayden Crigler

Hayden Crigler

Job title, Company: Field Implementation, Canteen

Undergraduate major, school:  Supply Chain Management and Marketing, University of South Carolina

nikunj damani

Nikunj "Nik" Damani

Job title, Company:  Performance Architect, Skillstorm - Bank of America 

Undergraduate major, school:  Engineering - Telecommunications, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

denis dillon

Dillon Dennis

Job title, Company: Territory Manager, Align Technology

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing, University of North Carolina

Cruiz Emery

Cruiz Emery

Job title, Company: Financial Representation, Northwestern Mutual

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Administration, University of South Carolina

arhtur engelmann

Arthur Engelmann

Job title, Company: Project Manager, Charter Communications

Undergraduate major, school:  Communication Arts, Salisbury University 

megan gallagher

Megan Gallagher

Job title, Company:  Regional Admissions Representative, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Public Health, University of South Carolina

mark hemphill

Mark Hemphill

Job title, Company: Analytical Consultant, Wells Fargo & Co.

Undergraduate major, school:  Finance, Xavier University

jeff hodish

Jeffrey "Jeff" Hodish

Job title, Company:  Pilot, PSA Airlines

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Administration, The Citadel

cara jess

Cara Jess

Job title, Company: Territory Business Manager, Michelin

Undergraduate major, school:  Management and Marketing, University of South Carolina

edward jones

Edward "Ward" Jones

Job title, Company: Strategic Account Project Specialist, Sealed Air Corporation

Undergraduate major, school: Food Science, Clemson University

tiffany lewis

Tiffany Lewis

Job title, Company:  Enterprise Agile Coach, BASF Corporation

Undergraduate major, school:  International Business Management, Kean University

anthony mangini

Anthony Mangini

Job title, Company: President, Truex Management Group

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Administrations, California State University

mike netherland

Michael "Mike" Netherland

Job title, Company: Financial Crimes Senior Associate, Wells Fargo

Undergraduate major, school:  International Relations, College of William and Mary

danaya pratchayanan

Danaya Pratchayanan

Job title, Company:  Technical Service, Elkem Silicones

Undergraduate major, school:  Materials Science, University of Rochester

emily quinto

Emily Quinto

Job title, Company:  Vice President, PNC Bank

Undergraduate major, school:  Finance and Real Estate, University of Cincinnati

Kyle Radtke

Kyle Radtke

Job title, Company:  Financial Controls & Risk Oversight Consultant, Wells Fargo

Undergraduate major, school:  Accounting and Economics, University of Tulsa

Luke Rogers

Luke Rogers

Job title, Company:  Treasury Manager, Jacobs Engineering, inc.

Undergraduate major, school:  Accounting, University of Iowa

tom tiarks

Thomas "Tom" Tiarks

Job title, Company:  Product Engineer, Ingersoll Rand

Undergraduate major, school:  Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

nick white

Nicholas "Nick" White

Job title, Company:  Principal, Summusgroup

Undergraduate major, school:  Business, Furman University

derek aragon

Derek Aragon

Job title, Company: Lead Mechanical Engineer, Westinghouse  

Undergraduate major, school: Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University  

duncan berry

Duncan Berry

Job title, Company:  Forecast Analyst, Hubbell Utility Systems

Undergraduate major, school:  Supply Chain Management and Economics, University of South Carolina

jonathan bobb

Jonathan "Jon" Bobb

Job title, Company:  Comptroller Officer, U.S. Army

Undergraduate major, school:  Economics, West Point

penny boswell

Penny Boswell

Job title, Company:  Director of Apparel and Equipment Operation, University of South Carolina Athletics Department

Undergraduate major, school:  Exercise Science, University of South Carolina

Jeffrey Brannon headshot

Jeffrey "Jeff" Brannon

Job title, Company: Environmental Health Manager III, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Biology, University of South Carolina

sara brown

Sara Brown

Job title, Company: Political Director, South Carolina Association of Realtors

Undergraduate major, school:  Public Relations, University of South Carolina

James "Jim" Burkman

Job title, Company: Team Lead, Next Step Technologies

Undergraduate major, school:  Engineering Management, United States Military Academy

josh byers

Joshua "Josh" Byers

Job title, Company: Plan Manager, PenServ Plan Services, Inc.

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Administration, West Virginia University

Robert Coffey

Robert "Ed" Coffey

Job title, Company: Maintenance & Reliability Manager, Celanese Corporation

Undergraduate major, school:  Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech

erin culp

Erin Culp

Job title, Company: Administrative Coordinator, University of South Carolina Division of Law Enforcement and Safety

Undergraduate major, school:  Media Arts, Brigham Young University 

molly davis

Martha "Molly" Davis

Job title, Company:  Water Resources Engineer In Training, Woolpert, Inc.

Undergraduate major, school:  Biosystems Engineering, Clemson University

farzaneh dolati

Farzaneh Dolati

Job title, Company: Senior Quality Engineer, Westinghouse Co.

Undergraduate major, school:  Industrial Engineering, The University of Iowa

clara dupre

Clara DuPre

Job title, Company:  Sales, Tidewater Boats

Undergraduate major, school:  Sport and Entertainment Management, University of South Carolina

Chris Fannin

Christopher "Chris" Fannin

Job title, Company:  Senior Buyer, MTU America

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Management, Western Governors University

Hunter Ferraro

Hunter Ferraro

Job title, Company:  Pharmacy Dual Degree Student, Prisma Health

Undergraduate major, school:  Pharmacy, University of South Carolina

patrick flynn

Michael "Patrick" Flynn, Jr.

Job title, Company: Student Ticketing Manager, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Psychology, University of South Carolina

jessie fuller

Jessie Fuller

Job title, Company: Post Award Fiscal Analyst, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  English, University of South Carolina

sara gainey

Sarah Gainey

Job title, Company:  Vice President, Merrill Lynch- Bank of America

Undergraduate major, school:  Communications, University of South Carolina

chris giesting

Christopher "Chris" Giesting

Job title, Company: Professional Athlete

Undergraduate major, school:  Management Entrepreneurship, University of Notre Dame

andrew gilchrist

Andrew Gilchrist

Job title, Company:  Enterprise Project Manager, Abbott Laboratories

Undergraduate major, school:  Quantitative Economics, United States Naval Academy

louis gonzalez

Luis Gonzalez

Job title, Company: Manager of Telephonic Enrollment & Retention, Unum/Colonial Life

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing, University of Notre Dame

Maurren Grewe

Maureen Grewe

Job title, Company: Director of Student Conduct, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Psychology, Elon University

Britt Haddock

Britt Haddock

Job title, Company: Assistant Vice President, Ecolab

Undergraduate major, school:  Pulp and Paper Science and Technology, North Carolina State University

venke harley

Venyke Harley

Job title, Company: Director of Human Relations and Organizational Development, South Carolina State University

Undergraduate major, school:  Organizational Management, Claflin University

john hungerpiller

John "Colin" Hungerpiller

Job title, Company: Pharmacy Student, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Pharmacy, University of South Carolina

Alex Hunter

Alexander "Alex" Hunter

Job title, Company: Global Financial Crimes Investigator, Bank of America

Undergraduate major, school:  Banking Finance, University of Mississippi

Kenneth Kinslow

Kenneth "Kenny" Kinslow

Job title, Company:  Senior Orthopedic Consultant, Johnson & Johnson - Depuy Synthes Orthopedics

Undergraduate major, school:  Exercise Science, University of South Carolina

caitlin kitchens

Caitlin Kitchens

Job title, Company: Sales Representative, Southern Anesthesia + Surgical

Undergraduate major, school:  English, University of South Carolina

rao kuchibhotla

Nagasayana Rao Kuchibhotla

Job title, Company: Senior Business Applications Developer, Agfirst Farm Credit Bank

Undergraduate major, school:  Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University (India)

brian langforn

Brian Langford

Job title, Company: Financial Analyst, Sonoco

Undergraduate major, school:  Accounting and Finance, University of South Carolina

caleb mcclain

Caleb McClain

Job title, Company:  Production Supervisor, Crescent, Apex Tool Group

Undergraduate major, school:  Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina

eric meadows

Eric Meadows

Job title, Company: Business Systems Analyst II, Palmetto GBA

Undergraduate major, school:  Management, Clemson University

corey mikels

Corey Mikels

Job title, Company:  Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing and Management, University of South Carolina

yolanda mills

Yolanda Mills

Job title, Company:  Process Transformation Consultant, Aflac

Undergraduate major, school:  Economics, University of South Carolina

alex norwood

Alexander "Alex" Norwood

Job title, Company: Fiscal Analyst, University of South Carolina

Undergraduate major, school:  International Business and Finance, University of South Carolina

Somer Parker-Palmer

Somer Parker-Palmer

Job title, Company:  Store Manager, Starbucks

Undergraduate major, school:  Organizational Leadership, Arizona State University

tanvi patel

Tanvi Patel

Job title, Company:  Digital Project Manager, United Way of the Midlands

Undergraduate major, school:  Journalism and Mass Communications, University of South Carolina

fevil patel

Fevil "Fev" Patel

Job title, Company:  Pharmacy Intern, Prisma Health Children's Hospital

Undergraduate major, school:  Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of South Carolina

William "Will" Roberts

Job title, Company:  Senior Sourcing Specialist, Sonoco

Undergraduate major, school:  Supply Chain Management and Finance, University of South Carolina

Andrew Rollins

Andrew Rollins

Job title, Company:  Industrial Progress Engineer, Michelin

Undergraduate major, school:  Mechanical Engineering, Clemson University

john scott

John "Chris" Scott

Job title, Company:  Director of Personnel, Turbeville Insurance Agency

Undergraduate major, school:  Media Arts, University of South Carolina

william stec

William Stec II

Job title, Company:  Supervisor, U.S. Army

Undergraduate major, school:  Legal Studies, American Military University

kevin stephenson

Kevin Stephenson

Job title, Company: Director of Resource Management, Indiana National Guard

Undergraduate major, school:  Environmental Science,  U.S. Military Academy

john strickland

John Strickland

Job title, Company:  Commander/Financial Manager, U.S. Army

Undergraduate major, school:  Religion/Cross Cultural Studies, Covenant College

Hunter Whitfield

Hunter Whitfield

Job title, Company: Project Engineer, Hussey Gay Bell 

Undergraduate major, school:  Agricultural Engineering, University of Georgia

Richard Williams

Richard "Rich" Williams

Job title, Company:  Deputy Commander, U.S. Army

Undergraduate major, school:  Biology, The Citadel

Kathryn Wylie

Job title, Company:  Lobbyist, South Carolina Beverage Association 

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing, Management and Data Analytics, University of South Carolina

william yarborough

William "Billy" Yarborough

Job title, Company: Regional Vice President, nCino

Undergraduate major, school:  History, U.S. Naval Academy

Jay Benton

James "Jay" Benton

Job title, Company: Lead Engineer, Innovative Manufacturing & Design

Undergraduate major, school: Mechanical Engineering, University of South Carolina

santosh bijoor

Santosh Bijoor

Job title, Company:  Physician, Spartanburg Regional Medical Center

Undergraduate major, school:  Medicine, University Of Poona

jennings craft

Jennings Craft

Job title, Company: Client Service Specialist, Nachman Norwood & Parrott

Undergraduate major, school:  Accounting, University of South Carolina

ben davis

Benjamin "Ben" Davis

Job title, Company: Key Account Manager, Michelin

Undergraduate major, school:  Exercise and Sports Science, University of Bedfordshire, UK

daniel garrett

Daniel Garrett

Job title, Company: Financial Center Manager, Bank of America

Undergraduate major, school:  Business Management, Anderson University

Anna-Laura Luttrell

Anna-Laura Luttrell

Job title, Company: Assistant Designer, OOBE Apparel Group

Undergraduate major, school:  Apparel Design, Merchandising, Production Management, Auburn University

Ryan Peiffer

Ryan Peiffer

Job title, Company:  Vice President, Hughes Investments

Undergraduate major, school:  Communications, Wake Forest University

Tristan Pendergrass

Tristan Pendergrass

Job title, Company:  Director of Technology, Arrhythmia Technologies Institute

Undergraduate major, school:  Marketing, Louisiana Tech University

Michelle Reitz

Job title, Company:  Project Engineer, A&E Engineering

Undergraduate major, school:  Chemical Engineering, Clemson University

michael haney

Michael Haney

Job title, Company: Production Supervisor, CSL Plasma

Undergraduate major, school:  Oceanography, U.S. Naval Academy

garrett sowards

Garrett Sowards

Job title, Company: Financial Analyst, WestRock

Undergraduate major, school:  Economics and Finance, Liberty University


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