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Faculty Experts: Department of Sociology

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Mathieu Deflem: terrorism and counter-terrorism, international police cooperation, criminal justice, abortion, Internet technology, homeland security, international law, national security
Barry Markovsky: justice, group dynamics, social influences on beliefs in paranormal claims, judgments, perceptions of fairness in work settings and power in social networks
Patrick Nolan: firearms; second amendment rights; gun control; assault-weapons ban; long term trends in political, social, economic and sexual inequality in human societies; Marx's theories of society and history, including Marxist (totalitarian) societies as social experiments; paranormal claims such as ESP, crop circles and UFOs
Shane Thye: commitment in exchange networks, power from status in bargaining relations, status organizing processes, collective action in social traps, paranormal beliefs, social psychology, commitment in relationships

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Abortion: Mathiew Deflem
Assault-weapons ban: Patrick Nolan
Bargaining relationships (power from status in): Shane Thye
Criminal justice: Mathiew Deflem
Economic inequality (trends in): Patrick Nolan
Exchange networks (commitment in): Shane Thye
Fairness (perceptions of, in work settings): Barry Markovsky
Firearms: Patrick Nolan
Group dynamics: Barry Markovsky
Gun control: Patrick Nolan
Homeland security: Mathiew Deflem
International law: Mathiew Deflem
International police cooperation: Mathiew Deflem
Internet technology: Mathiew Deflem
Judgments: Barry Markovsky
Justice: Barry Markovsky
Marxism: Patrick Nolan
National security: Mathiew Deflem
Paranormal claims (social influences on beliefs in): Barry Markovsky, Patrick Nolan, Shane Thye
Political inequality (trends in): Patrick Nolan
Power (in social networks): Barry Markovsky
Relationships (commitment in): Shane Thye
Second-amendment rights: Patrick Nolan
Sexual inequality (trends in): Patrick Nolan
Social inequality (trends in): Patrick Nolan
Social psychology: Shane Thye Social traps (collective action in): Shane Thye
Status organizing processes: Shane Thye
Terrorism and counter-terrorism: Mathiew Deflem