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The Center for Teaching Excellence supports Distributed Learning in a variety of ways. Here you will find resources related to the DL course review process. Please contact one of our instructional designers if you need any assistance at 803-777-8322 or cte@sc.edu.

  • Instructional Designers

  • Our Instructional Designers are here to assist you one-on-one.

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1. Contact an instructional designer at the CTE.

To schedule an appointment, you can use our DL Consultation Request Form, or just give us a call at 803-777-8322 and ask to speak to an instructional designer.

2. Meet with the instructional designer to discuss your vision for the course, your teaching style, and how we can assist you. Our designers ca n tailor an online course to meet your specific needs, and offer you information about:

•   Creating meaningful learning objectives
•   Designing a course structure that matches your content and teaching style
•   Identify appropriate activities and media to meet course objectives
•   Building accessibility for students with disabilities
•   Setting a timeline for course completion

3. Check for financial incentives.

Once you have a plan for your course development, you may wish to inquire about funds for course upgrades that may be available from your department or college. Your instructional designer can let you know some of the funding that may be available.

4. Begin building/revising your course.

Working with your instructional designer, your course can be built using our Quality Matters Rubric for best practices. We also encourage you to create an account with Quality Matters and take the course assessment to determine where your course may need work. Your instructional designer can assist you to:

•   Structure the online presence.
•   Scaffold the learning process based on the objectives and activities.
•   Locate media and check copyright.
•   Develop online lectures.
•   Build in accessibility for students with disabilities.
•   Meet timeline milestones.

5. Review the Course for best practices.

Our Instructional Design Group at the CTE will review the course and make recommendations for changes. Your instructional designer can then help you finalize the course.

6. Will you need a Distance Education Delivery form?

Your instructional designer can help you determine if you need to submit a DED form for course approval, and the steps for completing it. This form can be obtained at: http://www.sc.edu/provost/forms/DistanceEducationDeliveryDED.pdf (We suggest right-clicking on the link and downloading the file. Some PDF viewers cannot open it in an internet browswer)

7. Begin teaching your course online.

Your support from the CTE doesn't stop there! When you run into issues or have questions, you can still contact your instructional designer for assistance and corrections.