Getting Good Teaching Evaluations


  • Jed Lyons
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs,
    College of Engineering
  • Details

  • SEPT 04
  • Tue 11:15am - 12:05pm
  • Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Thomas Cooper Library, Room L511


The best way to get good teaching evaluations from students is to be a good teacher. Good teaching involves both content mastery and interpersonal rapport. Jed Lyons will share responses from veteran faculty about how to maintain rigor in course content in such a way that the students are educated as well as engaged. Required and suggested methods for student feedback on instruction will also be discussed.

About the Facilitator

Jed Lyons is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering and Computing. He is the recipient of USC’s Michael J. Mungo Teaching Award, Joseph Biedenbach Distinguished Service Award, and Samuel Litman Distinguished Professor Award, and was elected Fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education.