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Nancy Chalmers

Teaching Assistant Workshop:
Tips for TAs

Nancy Chalmers, PhD Candidate, Department of Statistics
January 25, 2011


Teaching Assistants confront a variety of issues, from the day-to-day necessities of teaching to making decisions about pedagogical approaches and course goals. This presentation gives an overview of the lecture planning process and discusses methods for engaging students in the classroom, and presenting course material to make it relevant to students’ lives. The facilitator also addresses balancing teaching with scholarship and other academic demands.

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About the Presenter

Nancy Chalmers is a winner of the 2010 Outstanding Teaching Assistant award and PhD Candidate in Statistics at the University of South Carolina. She has taught STAT 110, 201, and 509.  Her dissertation examines fractional polynomial models, including identifiability and inference.

This workshop was sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence. For more information, please e-mail or call 803-777-8322.

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