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  • Our Instructional Designers are here to assist you one-on-one.

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Let's Talk!

The doors of the Center for Teaching Excellence are open to anyone who wishes to discuss specific teaching concerns and effectiveness as they relate to a particular class.

Distributed Learning and Instructional Design

The CTE's Instructional Design team can help you prepare courses for Distributed Learning. Taking either a fully online or blended approach, Distributed Learning combines technology, teaching tools and resources to facilitate access to educational content "anytime, anywhere."

The Instructional Design team at the CTE will be happy to consult with you about selecting the best combination of tools, resources, and teaching practices to develop online courses and course components.

General Teaching Consultations

Experienced faculty are available to respond to teaching and learning concerns, to assist instructors in general course planning, and to provide suggestions in response to student feedback. These consultations are strictly confidential.

  • To make an appointment, email us at cte@sc.edu or call 803.777.8322

  • Resources

  • Our teaching guide provides resources to help with preparation, in-class teaching and course assessment. You may find valuable information to help you with your teaching in the Teaching Guide:
  • teaching guideTeaching Guide