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Faculty Response to A Vision of Students Today


The Youtube video A Vision of Students Today by Michael Wesch summarizes some of the most important characteristics of American college students in the early twenty-first century from the students’ own perspective. This thought-provoking video led faculty at USC to ask themselves, “How can we reach these students?” Subsequently, dozens of faculty contributed to the production of a companion video called Faculty Response to A Vision of Students Today, which can be viewed from this web page.

Snapshot of a Faculty Response Video

The companion video provides thoughtful and helpful suggestions for handling a number of the issues raised in Wesch’s video, including how to learn students’ names, get students to interact in class, accommodate the busy schedule of students, make content relevant to students’ lives, take advantage of the social consciousness of students, leverage student interest in technology, help students develop critical thinking skills, get students to view themselves as life-long learners, and more.

Before watching our video, please view Vision of Students Today on Youtube.

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