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Educational Loans

The University of South Carolina presents several loan options for students and their parents that may assist in meeting educationally related expenses. These loan programs are funded by the federal government, the state of South Carolina, and lenders of private educational loans. Some of these programs are available to all students or the parents of undergraduate students who are enrolled at least half-time. Other programs have limited funding and will only be available as long as that funding is available.

Review All Your Options: We do not encourage borrowing:

While we will automatically notify students with complete applications of their Federal Direct Loan eligibility, you should pursue scholarships, grants, and student employment opportunities before accepting this or any loan. If borrowing still remains a necessity, we strongly encourage researching all of the loan programs available in order to determine the best choice (considering cost of borrowing, interest expense, repayment provisions, and potential loan servicing fees) for you.

Available Loan Options

Loan opportunities available to help fund your education at the University of South Carolina include:

Be sure to review USC's Financial Aid Code of Conduct.